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Matchless Craig Blouson suede jacket

photo © Matchless
Matchless Craig Blouson suede jacket with black zipper and side pockets
photo © Matchless

Daniel Craig on the SPECTRE set in Morocco (right). His outfit might be inspired by Timothy Dalton's Morocco outfit in The Living Daylights (left)

photo © Matchless
Matchless Craig Blouson suede jacket
photo © Matchless

Matchless has revealed that James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) wears a Matchless suede jacket in SPECTRE.

The jacket is worn in some of the Morocco scenes: when Bond and Swann arrive in Tangier and later in on the train scenes when they talk about the gun.

Matchless has released a suede jacket on their website, called the 'Craig Blouson'. This suede jacket has a black zipper, side pockets and viscose lining. If the details of this jacket are 100% the same as the jacket used in the movie is not yet known, but it is likely the most accurate jacket that will be available. One of the differences, based on spy shots of Craig wearing the jacket, is that the black round Matchless logo on the left sleeve in the Limited Edition jacket is not on the movie jacket.

The 'Craig Blouson' jacket is a Limited Edition of only 700 pieces.

UPDATE: currently sold out - but there are usually a few Matchless Craig jackets on eBay 
UPDATE 2: Matchless now offers the jacket in different colors. 

On Amazon there are a few similar jackets and this one available, but some might be of questionable quality and details are not the same.

Bond wears the jacket with a navy Tom Ford polo shirt, Tom Ford Henry Vintage Wayfarer sunglasses and J.Crew shoes.

Craig's Morocco outfit seems to have been inspired by Timothy Dalton's Morocco outfit worn in The Living Daylights (1987).

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Ordered the Matchless Craig blouson via jamesbondlifestyle link to official website. Was bitterly disappointed to find it delivered loose, inside a large brown cardboard box, covered in duct tape, and without any padding, tissue paper or bubble wrap inside to cushion. Because of this the jacket is crushed to bits (it's suede), the collar is ruined, (crumpled) and there is a permanent crush mark on the back. Needless to say am returning the jacket for a full refund. If they treat their own 'luxury' products with a high premium price in this way I feel am being taken advantage of and doubt the genuine-ness of the product.
Hello, what about his trousers on that picture? I'd like to find similar ones ;)
Just to let you know that Linea Fashion london has the Craig Blouson in all sizes from small to 4xL and also in navy as well .
Please tell us Bond wears what blue shirt with Matchless jacket when he teaching Miss Swan how to use the pisto.
It's an Orlebar Brown shirt. I think. Remmert can probably confirm.
wested leather have made the most wonderful replica of this jacket. I have bought one and its high quality and beautifully made. see link
I bought one from a company for less than £100 and was really pleased with it, even came in a nice bag, great if you're on a budget!
Does anybody know what chinos or trousers Daniel Craig wears with this jacket and what the correct colour they should be, they look grey or stone ?
Is it not the same BRUNELLO CUCCINELLI Trousers from the Marocco desert scene?

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