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Build your own Lotus Esprit S1 "Wet Nellie"

30 April, 2020

If you have some extra time during the lockdown, or need something to occupy the kids, Lotus now offers a free download to build a model of the Lotus Esprit S1 “Wet Nellie”.

Lotus Esprit wet nellie paper model

Official image of the model from Lotus

The Lotus Esprit submarine car was featured in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.

The model is easily made using the template that you can download at the Lotus website (link below).

lotus esprit model paper wet nellie cut out

Cut out the pieces and fold and glue or tape them together to get a basic but good looking model of the famous Lotus.

Lotus Esprit S1 Wet Nellie Paper Model

My version: I printed on glossy photopaper, which adds a nice shine to the car while also being sturdy

It works well because the design lines of the car are so straight and angular that they can be replicated failry accurately using the paper cut-out.

lotus esprit paper cut out model

The printable PDF is available at

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