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"Christmas comes only once a year", as Pierce Brosnan once remarked, but on Bond Lifestyle it is always time to celebrate and give that special gift to your loved one! Bond Lifestyle lists some popular Bond items. There's a present for each budget!

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Connolly 007

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Bennett Winch SC Holdall

Gift Ideas

photo © Tom Ford
Tom Ford Marko sunglasses
photo © Tom Ford

#1 - Tom Ford Marko FT0144

One of the most popular items is the Tom Ford Marko FT0144, the sunglasses worn by James Bond (Daniel Craig) in the movie SkyFall (2012) in the Shaghai airport scene, and in the Death City scene. Although Craig wore the glasses on the set in Turkey as well, the glasses can't be seen in the film in those scenes.

The glasses seen in the film have a silver (rhodium) frame and blue lenses, the Marko "18V".

Get Tom Ford Marko sunglasses here:

 USA ($179.90)

 UK/EU (£151)
United Shades (€180)

John Smedley Bobby

#2 - John Smedley Bobby v-neck pullover

Keep warm this winter with this stylish black John Smedley Bobby v-neck pullover, worn by Bond in SkyFall, in the Shanghai scenes. The sweater can be seen in the Shanghai bar and is part of the Shanghai driver outfit.

Bobby is a classic v-neck pullover, made from 30 gauge extra-fine New Zealand Merino wool, also available in many other warm colors.

The Bobby is available on the official John Smedley website for $245 (USA) or £139 (UK) or €175 (Germany/rest of Europe).

15% OFF in November
Enter coupon code NOVEMBERTREAT to receive 15% off your order at John Smedley.

The Bobby is also available on (UK) or Mr Porter (worldwide).

photo © OPI
OPI James Bond Bond-ettes Mini Set (Golden Eye, The Spy Who Loved Me, The World Is Not Enough, Live and Let Die)
photo © OPI

photo © OPI
OPI The Man With The Golden Gun: 18kt real gold top coat that contains gold flecks for a bond girl manicure!
photo © OPI

photo © OPI
OPI released several new colors inspired by Bond films.
photo © OPI

#3 - OPI nailpolish SkyFall collection

The perfect gift for your Bond girl: the OPI nailpolish range inspired by the Bond films and SkyFall in particular. The promotional ads and displays for the OPI SkyFall collection feature Bond Girl Bérénice Marlohe (Severine in SkyFall).

Most of the colors are nice and dark, but don't seem to have much to do with the movie they were 'inpsired' by. The most original product is the OPI The Man With The Golden Gun version, which contains real flecks of 18kt gold and it comes in collectible gold container.

The OPI Skyfall / James Bond Winter 2012 Collection nail polish colors consists of the following products:
OPI Skyfall
OPI Casino Royale
OPI Die Another Day
OPI The World Is Not Enough
OPI Tomorrow Never Dies
OPI GoldenEye
OPI The Living Daylights
OPI Moonraker
OPI The Spy Who Loved Me
OPI The Man with the Golden Gun 18k Top Coat
OPI Live and Let Die
OPI On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
OPI You Only Live Twice
OPI James Bond Bond-ettes Mini Set (Golden Eye, The Spy Who Loved Me, The World Is Not Enough, Live and Let Die)

The individual bottles are available on Amazon for $6.69 (USA) or £9.95 (UK), or €12 (Germany).

The Bond-ettes Mini sets are available for $12.45 in the USA, or £10.95 in the UK, or €16.95 in Germany.

The Man With The Golden Gun version is available for $79.99 (USA)£26.85 (UK) or €45 (Germany).

photo © Sunspel
Sunspel Riviera Polo Navy polo shirt
photo © Sunspel

photo © Sony Pictures
Bond wearing the blue Sunspel polo shirt in Casino Royale
photo © Sony Pictures

#4 - Sunspel Navy Blue Polo Shirt

This Sunspel Riviera polo shirt was especially designed for Daniel Craig in the 2006 Bond movie Casino Royale. Based on a classic 1950s Sunspel design made for the Italian Riviera, this polo shirt is 100% cotton and warp knitted on old lace machines.

Price: £80.00 / €96 / $128

Available on the Official Sunspel website

Available on Mr Porter
Available on End Clothing (UK)
Available on End Clothing (USA)

skyThe Sunspel Riviera polo is now also available in a light blue "Sky" version, which is inspired by the blue shirt worn by Bond in the early movies and Sunspel's work with Bond costume designer Lindy Hemming for the Barbican Bond exhibition.

sunspel swim shortsIn May 2013, Sunspel launched a Bond inspired pair of swim shorts, in the Sky color. These shorts are available online for $210 (USA)£120 (UK) or €160 (EU).


Sunspel Riviera Crew Neck Grey Shirt

During the filming of the Venice scenes of Casino Royale, Daniel Craig wears a grey Sunspel shirt. This grey t-shirt was also designed especially for Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale, with a more fitted shape and shorter sleeves than the standard Sunspel shirts. Unlike the classic tee, it also has an overlocked neck which is flatter and more discreet than a bound neck. This grey melange t-shirt is made from fine gauge two fold long staple Egyptian cotton for an exceptional, luxuriously feel.

Price: £65 / €80 / $75

Available on the Official Sunspel website


Sunspel White V-Neck Shirt

Designed for Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale, this v-neck t-shirt has a refined, fitted shape and shorter sleeves than the standard Sunspel tees, memorably worn by Bond on the yacht sailing into Venice at the end of Casino Royale. This beautiful pure white t-shirt is made from fine gauge two fold long staple Egyptian cotton for an exceptional, luxuriously feel.

Price: £65 / €80 / $75

Available on the Official Sunspel website


#5 - James Bond 007 Fragrance

The James Bond 007 Fragrance, designed by Eon Productions in association with Procter & Gamble has been released in 4 collectible fragrances.

Signature edition
The first edition, released in October 2012, in the black bottle, features notes of apple, cardamom, sandalwood, vetiver, lavender, moss and coumarin that will give you a retro feel.

Bill Brace, vice president of fashion brands for P&G Prestige said: “The aromatic feugere fragrance family came to prominence in the 1960s – it was unmistakably masculine – mossy and ferny. But that was a while ago, so we wanted to move it on and give it a much more modern and sophisticated shell, which is why there’s fresh apple, cardamom, sandalwood and vetiver.”

The 007 logo is embossed on the front of the bottle of the eau de toilette. The 'diamond shaped' pattern on the bottle and packaging looks similar to the pattern of the ST Dupont Diamond Head cufflinks worn by Bond in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.

The black bottles of the Signature 007 Fragrance are still available online at Amazon.

Gold Limited Edition
The 50 year golden anniversary of James Bond films in 2012 was marked with the introduction of a limited edition deluxe golden bottle of 75ml, available at Amazon.

In November 2013, another Limited Edition was released, featuring a golden British flag on the box (see image on the left).

Ocean Royale
In March 2013, a new fragrance called Ocean Royale (blue bottle) was released. Ocean Royale features lime, anise, bergamot, sea breeze accord, iris, teak, tonka bean, coffee, cedar, sandalwood and guaiac wood. It is available as 30, 50 and 75 ml and 125 ml Eau de Toilette with aftershave lotion, shower gel and two types of deodorants.
Buy now

In August 2013, another eau de toilette was released, called Quantum (silver bottle). Top notes: juniper berries and bergamot, heart notes: sandalwood and base notes: leather and violet leaf.
Buy now

Shower gel, Deodorant, Gift sets (UK) and in Germany offer the complete range of James Bond Fragrance, shower gel and deodorant. Retailer Kohl's is the exclusive store to sell 007 Fragrance and related products in the USA, starting from October 17th 2012.

Harrods gift set

Order the the Gift set, as pictured above, including cufflinks, shower gel and fragrance at Amazon.

Floris No. 89 Eau de Toilette

Floris Lime Bath Essence

#6 - Floris

Floris is mentioned by Ian Fleming in the novels Moonraker ("Floris provides the soaps and lotions in the lavatories and bedrooms"), Diamonds Are Forever ("He would have to send a cable to May to get things fixed. Let’s see - flowers, bath essence from Floris, air the sheets...") and Dr. No ("There was everything in the bathroom - Floris Lime bath essence for men and Guerlain bathcubes for women."). Floris No.89 fragrance was a personal favourite of Ian Fleming himself.

Floris No.89 fragrance and Lime bath Essence (or "Limes" as it is currently called), are still available at Floris London. For the best experience, visit the Floris flagship store on Jermyn Street in London, nr. 89. This original store is the home of Floris since 1730. Find contact info and stockists on the Floris London website.

Also available online at the following stores:

Floris No.89
Buy Floris No.89 at official site £75
Buy Floris No.89 at £89
Buy Floris No.89 at $95

Floris Lime Bath Essence
Buy Floris Lime at official Floris website

photo © DMD Digital
On the tracks of 007 back and front of the book, cover design by Remmert van Braam
photo © DMD Digital

photo © DMD Digital
photo © DMD Digital

photo © DMD Digital
photo © DMD Digital

#7 - On the tracks of 007

All James Bond film locations in one unique travel guide! Dutch 007 connoisseur Martijn Mulder has written a unique field guide to the exotic James Bond filming locations around the world.

Four time Bond director Guy Hamilton contributed a foreword for the book, which is published by DMD Digital. Filled with historical background information, travel directions and location photographs, 'On the tracks of 007' brings you as close to the filming locations as you can get, enabling you to relive your favourite James Bond scenes AND travel the world within the turn of a page.

Together with his co-author, the late Dirk Kloosterboer from Germany, Mulder spent many family holidays researching, finding, mapping out and photographing all the locations ever used in the James Bond films. These - often spectacular - findings were turned into 30 detailed travel stories and for many years formed the heart of one of the longest running Bond related websites on the Net,

The 288-page book lists all used locations from Dr. No (1962) to Casino Royale (2006) and includes information on the 2008 Bond film Quantum Of Solace.

Additionally, a full listing is included of all hotels ever used in the Bond films.

Buy on ($29.66)

Buy on (£18.06)

The Bond 50 Blu-Ray set includes all 22 Bond films on Blu-Ray.

#9 - Bond 50 on Blu-Ray

For the first time available: the Blu-Ray set of 50 years of Bond - all 22 Bond films on Blu-ray neatly packaged into one cool, sleek collectable box-set, 122 hours of bonus material and even an empty space where you add the SkyFall Blu-Ray disc.

Update: In 2014, a new version of the set was released which includes the SkyFall disc, making 23 films in total.

BOND 50 marks the debut of nine James Bond films previously unavailable in high definition Blu-ray.

The BOND 50 collection also provides two all-new pieces that spotlight the history of 007. “The World of Bond” takes a look at the style and attitude that is signature to Bond; pulling together the cars, the women, the villains and the music that have been a staple of these films for the past 50 years. “Being Bond” profiles the six distinguished actors that have had the honor of portraying 007.

Don't have a Blu-Ray player? Get the DVD version of Bond 50 ($180) or UK: £45 or add a Blu-Ray Player (from $47) to your order.

USA - Order Bond 50 (23-Disc version) on Blu-Ray: ($135)

UK - Order Bond 50 (22 films) on Blu-Ray: (£90)

EU - Order Bond 50 (22 films) on Blu-Ray: (€116)

Germany - Order Bond 50 (23-Disc version) on Blu-Ray: (€119,97)

France -  Order Bond 50 (23-Disc version) on Blu-Ray: (€99,99)

NL - Order Bond 50 (22 films) on Blu-Ray: (€159.99)

photo ©
Mink Glove
photo ©

#10 - Mink Glove

A Mink Glove is used by Sean Connery in the movie Thunderball.

After making love to Patricia Fearing (Molly Peters) in the steam room at 'Shrublands', he tries to relax her on the bed, massaging her with the Mink Glove, explaining: Bond: "Mink. It reduces the tensions." Fearing: "Not mine."

Black Mink Gloves, inspired by the James Bond movie, are available at

- CBS/FOX video version omits the scene immediately after Bond traps Lippe in the sauna, where Bond is massaging Pat with the mink glove.
- A scene where Bond receives a massage from Fearing was shot but not used in the film, and replaced by the scene where Bond gives the massage.

More gift ideas

Royal Doulton SkyFall Bulldog

M's famous Bulldog statue in SkyFall, still available on, or on eBay.

Buy on ($70)
Buy on Royal Doulton USA ($70) out of stock
Buy on Royal Doulton Canada (CAD$80) out of stock

Orlebar Brown Setter Sky

Swim in style with the blue Orlebar Brown Setter swimming shorts. Available on the Orlebar Brown website for $240 (USA), £130 (UK) or €165 (Germany/EU).

Wild & Wolf Q-Mug

The exact same mug as seen in SkyFall is only available in the UK, get it on for only £10.99.

Dents gloves

The gloves worn by Bond in SkyFall, by British glove maker Dents. Available at for £65.

Toy State James Bond toy cars

Toy State created a wide range of remote controlled and animated toy cars from the Aston Martin DB5, Lotus Esprit, Ford Mustang, Aston Martin DBS. The cars are available in several sizes and prices. View all models and variations here.

Aston Martin Toy State


Connolly x 007