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Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Double Old Fashioned Tumbler

Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Double Old Fashioned Tumbler
Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Double Old Fashioned Tumbler
photo © Cumbria Crystal
photo © MGM, Columbia Pictures
James Bond (Daniel Craig) holding the Cumbria Crystal tumbler in Casino Royale
photo © MGM, Columbia Pictures

photo © MGM, Columbia Pictures
James Bond (Daniel Craig) drinking from the Cumbria Crystal tumbler in Casino Royale
photo © MGM, Columbia Pictures

photo © ABC Studios
The smaller, 8oz version of the Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Old Fashioned Tumbler can be spotted in Lost, Season near the end of 4 Episode 9, used by Charles Widmore (Alan Dale).
photo © ABC Studios

photo © Netflix
The Cumbria Crystal Grasmere DOF used by Prince Charles (played by Dominic West) in The Crown, Season 6, Ep[isode 4.
photo © Netflix

photo © Netflix
Close-up of the Cumbria Crystal Grasmere DOF Tumbler in The Crown.
photo © Netflix

In the movie Casino Royale (2006), James Bond (Daniel Craig) drinks whisky from a Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Double Old Fashioned Tumbler.

Casino Royale
After an intense stairway fight, Bond drinks a shot of whisky in his bathroom at Hotel Splendide (Grandhotel Pupp). He pours whisky from a glass decanter (brand unknown) into the Grasmere Double Old Fashioned Tumbler.

This beautiful whisky tumbler is made by Cumbria Crystal, an English manufacturer of luxury hand-blown and hand-cut full lead crystal. The tumbler is part of their Grasmere collection. It comes in two sizes, the 'Old Fashioned' tumbler, and the bigger 'Double Old Fashioned' tumbler. James Bond is drinking from the larger Double Old Fashioned tumbler.

The Grasmere Double Old Fashioned tumbler is available for £120 or $160 at Cumbria Crystal (or click here to check if the Outlet version is available for only £65/$82).

Update April 2024: reduced shipping rate from $50 to $30 to the USA 

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The smaller 8oz version of the tumbler is also available for £115 on or at (you can use the same discount coupons mentioned above).

Factory Outlet - Bond Lifestyle exclusive

Cumbria Crystal now also offers a Factory Outlet product for £75 including branded box.

Crafting exclusively by hand inevitably means that a small proportion of Cumbria Crystal products do not pass the rigorous quality checks required to be assessed as Premium Quality. These are classified as Outlet Products and will have just minor issues, mostly only seen on close inspection, leading Cumbria Crystal to reclassify them. They are made with exactly the same love and care as the Premium Quality crystal.

Usually the factory outlet stock is only available to UK customers, but Cumbria Crystal is exclusively making this item available worldwide, until 15th December 2022, for Bond Lifestyle followers with guaranteed Christmas dispatch.

(The Factory Outlet tumbler will be available until Dec 31st 2022, but orders placed after Dec 15th can't be guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas)

Factory Outlet Grasmere tumbler (£65 / $82) - check availability

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Cumbria Crystal in Bond films

Pierce Brosnan also uses Cumbria Crystal tumbler in his Bond films: in The World Is Not Enough (1999) he holds a Cumbria Crystal Windermere DOF tumbler and in Die Another Day we can spot a Cumbria Crystal Helvellyn DOF tumbler on his MI6 office desk.


Cumbria Crystal in TV series

A Grasmere DOF tumbler, the same as the one Bond uses, can be spotted in The Crown Season 6, Episode 4, used by Prince Charles (played by Dominic West), see the screenshot on the left.

Several items from the Grasmere collection, including the whisky tumbler, can also be spotted in the popular tv series Downton Abbey (2010 - 2015).

In the series Lost (2004-2010) a Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Old Fashioned Tumbler (the smaller model) can be spotted in Season 4, Episode 9 "The Shape of Things to Come" (April 24, 2008). Charles Widmore (played by Alan Dale) pours himself a glass of MacCutcheon whisky (a fictional brand) in the Cumbria Crystal Grasmere Old Fashioned Tumbler next to his bed when he has an unexpected meeting with Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson).


About Cumbria Crystal

Cumbria Crystal is the only producer of completely hand-blown and hand-cut luxury English lead crystal in the United Kingdom. Read more about the company and tumbler in the Bond Lifestyle article "Made In Britain - Cumbria Crystal".

Thanks to McGibbits / Welshboy for the ID

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I have just checked and Cumbria Crystal currently has these in stock.
Really stunning, but just something I don't really need. Beautiful though...something one should put on their wedding gift/want list.
Hi, does anybody know which whisky glass is used in No time to die, when M toasts after James' dead to a full glass of whisky in the middle of the table?
Guido, those glasses are the Royal Doulton Highclere glasses, see them here

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