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Tom Ford Henry Vintage Wayfarer FT0248

Tom Ford Henry Vintage Wayfarer FT0248

James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears Tom Ford Henry Vintage Wayfarer FT0248 sunglasses in the trailer and promotional images for SPECTRE and in the music video for Sam Smith's "Writing's On The Wall", the movie's themesong. These Tom Ford sunglasses are worn during a Morocco scene in SPECTRE.

The color of the Tom Ford Henry sunglasses worn by Bond is Havana frame and dark metal (color code 52A).

The dark metal version is still available on Amazon ($172) or on SmartBuyGlasses ($290).

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You can also get the Tom Ford Henry glasses with gold details on

Update 2023: on eBay there are a few available for sale (only buy from trusted sellers).

Original retail price Tom Ford $415, but you can find them cheaper in most places.

In the same scene, Madeleine Swann (played by Léa Seydoux) wears Persol sunglasses, which look like Persol 3092SM sunglasses.

Bond wears the glasses with several outfits: one with the Matchless jacket and navy Tom Ford polo shirt and later with the brown Brunello Cucinelli jacket.

James Bond also wears a pair of Tom Ford Snowdon sunglasses in other scenes in the film.

Quantum of Solace (2008) was the first time that James Bond wears Tom Ford sunglasses, the FT108 model (currently very hard to find), and in SkyFall (2012) Bond wears Tom Ford Marko aviator sunglasses, which are still available.

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Awesome! I just saw the movie!
Is SmartBuyGlasses a legit website? Seems like a hell of a markdown.
Hi Wes, yes, definitely a trusted website.
Anyone know the SA size? I have the Henry in size 50 but they seem a bit smaller than how they looked on Craig in the film.
@Jonatan: the size is 51 (information by Marcolin, Tom Ford manufacturer in Italy).
What size of the henry sunglasses does Craig wear on the movie?
Don't bother with smart buyglasses
Why do you say that? I'm looking to make a few purchases from there.
Just watched the Blu-Ray version... The Henry frames worn in the desert scenes sure do look like they have brown lenses and gold accents instead of the grey lenses and dark metal accents mentioned in this post. Any one else see the same thing?
You're wrong, that's Henry 52A model, size 53.
Hi, I wanted to get the Henry from the United Shades EU. Are they legit? Have anyone experienced buying from them? Any reply is greatly appreciated :) Cheers!
Hi Richard, all stores mentioned in the article are legit, including United Shades.
The Tom Ford Henry is not a Wayfarer, it is a Club Master style of sunglasses.
Thank you Ron, you are right. But at the time of SPECTRE, the official name of these Tom Ford Henry sunglasses did include the "Vintage Wayfarer" (I double checked a screenshot I took of the website at the time). Currently, they don't use the "Vintage Wayfarer" label anymore.
I'm planning to purchase a pair of these, does anyone know what size are the Henry's worn in the movie?

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