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ZERO Halliburton Special Edition Q4-PS

photo © ZERO Halliburton
ZERO Halliburton Special Edition Q4-PS
photo © ZERO Halliburton

photo © ZERO Halliburton
ZERO Halliburton Special Edition Q4-PS
photo © ZERO Halliburton

photo © Sony Pictures
Bond opening the ZERO Halliburton case in Quantum of Solace
photo © Sony Pictures

In the 2008 movie Quantum of Solace, James Bond picks up a suitcase at Hotel Dessalines. This case is a ZERO Halliburton Special Edition Q4-PS, 4" business case. Another, unidentified, ZERO Halliburton suitcase can be seen during the scenes in the Perla De Las Dunas hotel.

Special edition specific features
Polished silver, retro-style metal handle
Polished silver aluminum shells
Luxurious, white leather interior
Two expandable file pockets
Offered in silver

Series features
Heat-tempered aluminum shell has the strength of steel at only one quarter the weight
Triple-digit combination lock for added security Interior organization keeps your belongings where they belong
Extra strength hinges withstand pulling of over 400 pounds
Innovative neoprene gasket keeps out dust and moisture, providing unrivaled protection
Manufactured in the USA

Size 13 x 18 x 3.7 in. / 33 x 45.7 x 9.4 cm

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What a fantastic looking briefcase. I must say I find most of ZERO Halliburton's products a bit overpriced; but a complaint unfamiliar in the world of Bond. This company also makes a carbon fiber attache which looks strikingly similar to the case which holds 47's Walther WA2000 in the Hitman video game series. Then again, it's the only carbon fiber attache on the market today.

I just got the 4" Slim Attache (S4-LSI), and it is perfect...Well built with a utilitarian design.

I am going to settle for this one,

Looking at the site it is very similar and cheaper :)

Yes it's not the real thing but it has the styling.

I am looking for this exact briefcase, if anyone is interested in selling me one or know where I can find it, please let me know! :)
I have this case. If it is something you might be interested in, let me know.
Hi I was wondering how much you are looking for, for your zero case and is it new or used Thanks Ross
Hey Thomas, How much do you want for the briefcase and can you send me some pictures of how it looks? :) Best regards, Jakob
Hey Guys, I've got this extact Special Edition Q4-PS for sale in very good condition. Only used a few times. Make me an offer.
Are your zero haliburtons originals or fakes?
Do you still have a Q4-PS case?? I'm looking to purchase. Thanks

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