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Orlebar Brown 007 Heritage Collection



Traditionally the tiny MINOX spy camera stands for a unique and entirely different form of photography, and so does the brand new Digital SpyCam. It can be whipped out of a pocket at any time to capture high quality fleeting candid images inconspicuously: one click and it's gone. SpyCam users suddenly become "Agent M" with their own personal "License to Shoot".


Classic meets digital: Minox has equipped this miniaturized Leica M3 classic camera of the fifties with a digital interior.


The Minox A/IIIs camera is used by George Lazenby in the movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969). While destroying Blofeld's lair atop Piz Gloria, he takes pictures of the locations of the girls that are sent out by Blofeld as biological warfare agents.

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