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Birds of the West Indies


In the 2013 art project and book Birds of the West Indies, a meticulous and comprehensive dissection of the Bond films, artist Taryn Simon inventories women, weapons and vehicles, constant elements in the films between 1962 and 2012.


Every bird that ever flew in a James Bond film, meticulously recorded by artist Taryn Simon.

In the book Field Guide to Birds of the West Indies (2015), artist Taryn Simon casts herself as James Bond (1900-1989) the ornithologist, and identifies, photographs and classifies all the birds that appear within the 24 films of the James Bond franchise.


Birds of the West Indies is known not only for its exhaustive study of Caribbean birds, but also because the name of the book's author, the ornithologist James Bond, which was used by Ian Fleming for the name of his fictional British secret agent, Commander James Bond.

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