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Vuarnet Px 027 glacier goggles / sunglasses


James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears vintage Vuarnet Px model 027 or PX5000 glacier goggles / sunglasses in SPECTRE (2015).

The glasses can be seen on the first promotional photo for the scene of Bond in the snowy mountains of Sölden in Austria. The Vuarnet goggles have a black plastic and metal frame, and leather removable side shields and nose protector. It reads "PX Vuarnet" in white text on the sides.

In the film Bond wears the Vuarnet sunglasses when he arrives at the Hoffler Klinik when he walks through the snow carrying his Brunello Cucinelli bag. Bond also somehow manages to quickly put on these goggles and his Agnelle gloves when he runs out of the Klinik when Madeleine Swann is abducted by Hinx and his henchmen. But when he flies the Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander airplane a few minutes later, he is not wearing the glasses anymore.

With this outfit, he wears a Tom Ford bomber jacket and Tom Ford pants, Agnelle gloves, Danner Mountain Light II 5 Black boots, and the Omega Seamaster 300 watch.

New model: Vuarnet Glacier
The product placement in the film wasn't paid for, but the timing was perfect for Vuarnet, as the company in 2015 just launched a new interpretation of the goggles, the Vuarnet Glacier. This is a modern version with a slightly different frame shape, and the removable side shields are made with natural leather and magnetic fixtures that attach to the temples.

Glacier model explained
The new Glacier model is available in several colours and model variations and sizes. In 2015 there were two sizes: the Vuarnet Glacier 1315 Medium and the larger Glacier 1708 Large, but this model has been updated and in 2022 there are the 2112, 2111 and 2110.

The 1315 Medium offers two model variations, a modern version with straight arms, and a more traditional model with the cable arms (the temples that wrap behind the ears). The last version is the most similar to the vintage model worn by Bond. Compare in the image on the left.

One of the most similar models is the Vuarnet Glacier 1315 Medium with Matte Black frame with the cable temples, model number VL131500107184 (pictured on the left, see it on the Vuarnet website UPDATE: not available anymore) or the newer Vuarnet 2110 on the Vuarnet website

The new Glacier models are available on for example Uncrate or Amazon and of course Vuarnet US.

The original vintage Vuarnet 027 has not been in production for years and can only be found on eBay.

You can also find similar glacier goggles with sideshields on Amazon from different brands.

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No Time To Die
Vuarnet sunglasses are also worn in the 2021 Bond film No Time To Die: Daniel Craig sports a pair of Vuarnet Legend 06 sunglasses and Vuarnet Edge 1613 sunglasses.

Vuarnet in other films
Vuarnet VL0006 sunglasses were originally worn by actor Alain Delon in the 1969 film La Piscine. Actor Matthias Schoenaerts wore the same pair of sunglasses in A Bigger Splash, a remake of that movie.

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