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Swatch Q Watch

Promotional shot of the Swatch Q watch (not a screenshot from the film)
Promotional shot of the Swatch Q watch (not a screenshot from the film)
photo © Swatch
photo © Swatch
Swatch Q watch limited edition
photo © Swatch

photo © Swatch
Swatch Q watch limited edition, in a 'Q desk' setting with the No Time To Die model airplane on the right
photo © Swatch

photo © Swatch
The Swatch Q case is made to look like a laptop.
photo © Swatch

photo © Swatch
The case opens to reveal the watch and a laptop screen with keyboard and red S W A T C H letters
photo © Swatch

photo © Swatch
In October 2020, a new version was released (right, compare with original on the left) with blue hands and electronic detail, and a red strap back.
photo © Swatch

In No Time To Die, Q (Ben Whishaw) wears a watch (on his right wrist) and it's a special watch from Swatch, aptly named the Swatch Q, model number SS07Z100. In the film, we can see Q look at his watch at least two times, but the watch doesn't get a close up, so details are not seen.

The Q model is a limited edition of 7007 copies worldwide and has been designed by Swatch in collaboration with No Time To Die costume designer Suttirat Anne Larlarb.

Note that in the film, the watch probably doesn't have the "Q" logo at the 6 o'clock position, making the limited edition version not 100% screen accurate.

The Swatch Q watch is based on the new Swatch Skin Irony collection that was launched in 2018. The Skin Irony collection features several stylish models, see a selection on Amazon, or WatchShop UK.

The Swatch Q watch has a stainless steel case, 42mm, and brown leather strap in red tartan with sharp red edges and a sunbrush dial for the mechanism, with a Swatch logo and a 'Q' at the 6 o’clock position.

Just as impressive as the watch is the packaging. A case that folds open like a laptop reveals the watch, and very nice graphics of a screen and a keyboard of which the letters S W A T C H are made red.

The watch is released as a limited edition as part of the Swatch x 007 collection, which includes 6 watches inspired by original movie posters and opening title sequences from Dr.No (1962), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), Moonraker (1979), Licence To Kill (1989), The World Is Not Enough (1999) and Casino Royale (2006) (read more).

The Swatch Q went on sale on March 5, 2020 for $220/ €200 / £174 on the Swatch website.

As always, on eBay there are many Q watches on offer for higher prices.

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Swatch ²Q Blue Edition

In October 2020, a new version of the same watch was released, the Swatch ²Q Blue Edition, product code SS07Z102. Probably because of the delay of the movie No Time To Die, or because Swatch realised that they could have sold more Q watches (the first edition sold out within a few days).

Watch a new video, comparing the Swatch Q and Swatch ²Q Blue Edition:

The new edition is slightly different from the first edition: the hands are BLUE instead of red, and also the little red electronic coil at the 10 o'clock position is now blue. The back of the strap is red, where the original Q Watch had a white strap back.

The blue is not screen accurate, so the frst edition is still the best movie version, although that one does have the large Q at the 6 o'clock position which the movie watch will probably not have.

The Swatch ²Q Blue Edition watch is now available for $220 / €215 / £186 at Swatch, the 007 Store, the Watch Store (US and UK/EU) and WatchNation (UK/EU only). It's not known how many pieces this version is limited to.

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Complete the outfit
Q also wears a Marni pink and navy striped sweater and Moscot Mensch eyeglasses. On his desk in his house, which features also in the promotional photos, we can see a model airplane (the glider that Bond and Nomi fly in the trailer), a Mclaggan Smith mug, an Amazon Basics Laptop Stand and a Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme laptop.

See more items in Qs house.

Swatch and James Bond
Although this is the first Swatch watch in a Bond film, Swatch has a long relationship with James Bond, first of all because the Swatch Group owns Omega, Bond's choice of watch since GoldenEye (1995). Swatch also released several collaborations, including James Bond inspired watches celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the 007 films in 2002 and a Swatch Villain Collection in 2009. Both these collection were available as separate watches or as one big set in a large case. Find these older Swatch James Bond watches on eBay.

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