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OB 007 2021

Sunseeker Superhawk 34

photos © Sunseeker International
The Sunseeker Superhawk 34 trying to escape Bond in the Q-boat
photos © Sunseeker International

A Sunseeker Superhawk 34 sped down London's River Thames at over 60 mph in the longest-ever Bond pre-title sequence in The World is Not Enough. Bond, in his Q-boat, chases the Sunseeker that is being driven by assassin Giulietta da Vinci (played by Maria Grazia Cucinotta). The Sunseeker, with an automatic gun mounted on the back, is eventually destroyed next to the Millenium Dome by two mini-torpedos from Bond's Q-Boat.

About Sunseeker
A global leader in the design and build of luxury motor yachts, Sunseeker International exports 99% of its product range and employs over 1,800 highly trained staff in their shipyards on Britain's South Coast. Sunseeker International is widely recognised as the pre-eminent marine brand in the world today.

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