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Orlebar Brown Moonraker Half-Zip Merino Knit

James Bond (Roger Moore) wearing a half-zip shirt in Moonraker.

James Bond (Roger Moore) wore a unique black knit shirt with zipper in Moonraker (1979).

The first time we see Bond wearing the shirt is when he arrives on a gondola to secretly break into the glass factory in Venice at night. He wears an all black outfit to stay hidden in the dark but in proper Roger Moore Bond style, it's quite a fancy outfit. The black shirt has a fashionable wide collar, large cuffs with mother-of-pearl button closure combined with a practical half-zip and chest pocket (in which he takes one of the poison vials). He also wears black flared trousers, a stylish black Fendi belt with square buckle, and black leather black leather Ferragamo horse-bit loafers. Moore also sports his Seiko digital watch.

He still wears the outfit during the following sword fight in the glass museum where they manage to break a lot of valuable Venetian glass. He also wears the outfit when he visits Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles) in her room.

For the 2020 007 Heritage Collection, Orlebar Brown created a reimagined iteration of the black shirt as an Italian-made Merino wool shirt with half-zip placket and chevron detail.

The tailored fit shirt is made from 12-gauge Merino wool, knitted in Italy.

The Orlebar Brown shirt is quite different from the original shirt in that it doesn't have the chest pocket or the button cuffs. The collar is also smaller than the movie shirt.

Now available at Orlebar Brown for £295 / €345 / $445

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