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Maglite flashlight

photo © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United International Pictures, Danjaq LLC
James Bond using a Maglite in The World Is Not Enough
photo © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United International Pictures, Danjaq LLC

Maglite 3 D-Cell flashlight
Maglite 3 D-Cell flashlight
Maglite 3 D-Cell flashlight

Compare the 2 D-Cell, 3 D-Cell, 4 D-Cell and 6 D-Cell Maglites, which all take the D type cell

James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) uses a Maglite flashlight in the 1999 Bond film The World Is Not Enough.

The Maglite is available in different shapes, colors and sizes. It looks like Bond is using the full-size, 3 D-Cell model (with three 'D-Cell' batteries) in black.

Bond uses the flashlight when he is searching for leads in Davidov's security office. When Davidov returns, Bond hides behind Davidov's car (a white Lada Niva L). Bond shines the flashlight in the trunk of the car and sees the dead body of nuclear weapons scientist Arkov.

The Maglite 3 D-Cell weighs 856.16g (with batteries), is 317mm (12 11/32”) long and the body is 40mm (2 1/4”) in diameter, the head 57mm (2 1/4”). The Maglite can burn for 10 hours (update: the new LED version lasts up to 80 hours) and the high intensity light beam can be adjusted from a spotlight to floodlight. The rugged, aluminium construction has a pushbutton with 3 positions and is water, shock and corrosion resistant. This Mag requires 3 x D batteries.

The Maglite is widely available at camping and outdoor equipment stores around the world, or find it online on ($23.50 - $31), (£20-£30) or eBay.

The first Maglite flashlight was produced in the United States in 1979 and has since become one of the most trusted and recognized flashlights, used by professionals, public safety and security personnel.

Thanks to Jörg for the alert

Thanks to the comment from Simon Payne (see comments below) we now know that James Bond (Timothy Dalton) uses a small Maglite torch (maybe the 2 AA cell) in Licence To Kill when he searches on the computer in the house of Felix.

Other films
The Maglite torch is also used and can be very clearly be seen throughout the film in Night At The Museum with Ben Stiller, who uses the Maglite when he's a night watch at the museum.

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Those maglites pull double-duty for me - the best rugged light available and a blunt instrument if needed. I keep one in my night stand and another in the door pocket of my car. Both are the big 3 D-cell battery size.
Timothy Dalton uses a mini Maglite torch in licence to kill. He uses it when he is searching Felix's house for the computer Disc thats hidden behind Della's photograph. He holds the torch in his mouth while he retrieves the disc. It looks like the x2 AA battery version of the maglite.

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