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Goldeneye, Jamaica

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Goldeneye is now a beautiful resort
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Ian Fleming Villa
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The Ian Fleming room
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Inside the Ian Fleming Villa
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Ian Fleming's beloved Jamaican home where he wrote 14 of his famous 007 novels. What Fleming loved most about Goldeneye was the out of doors, nature, the sounds and colors, the peace and drama of living by the sea. He delighted in "the blazing sunshine, natural beauty and the most healthy life I could live."

Ian Fleming's original house features a stunning view of the sea, three bedrooms with optional air-conditioning, garden baths and showers, swimming pool, sunken garden, separate media play room with theatre screen, exotic Balinese furniture, private beach and kitchen.

Goldeneye is now owned and operated by Island Outpost, founded by Chris Blackwell who formerly owned Island Records, Bob Marley's label. A hotel has been built on the island, have a look on for more information.

In 1995, Pierce Brosnan's first Bond movie was called GoldenEye.

On April 25, 2019, a BOND 25 live reveal and cast photocall was held at GoldenEye.

Read Matthew Parker's "GoldenEye" to find out more about Ian Fleming's stay at the island.

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