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Fred Perry polo shirt

photo © Fred Perry
Original Fred Perry Shirt, style no. M3, Navy (colour code 795), Made In England
photo © Fred Perry

photo © Mason & Sons
Fred Perry Shirt, style no. M3, Navy, as sold on Mason & Sons
photo © Mason & Sons

James Bond (Sean Connery) wears a navy Fred Perry shirt with white embroidered Fred Perry laurel logo in the movie Thunderball (1965). Bond wears the shirt together with white Jantzen shorts.

There are many varations of the original shirt, for example with white lines on the collar, lines or dot-patterns on the shirt or different color logos, but the original, plain navy Fred Perry polo with white Laurel Wreath logo can be purchased online on the Fred Perry website.

The shirt is called Original Fred Perry Shirt, style no. M3, Navy (colour code 795). The Fred Perry USA store also has a similar shirt available, but there it is called Slim Fit Plain Shirt (style no. M6000, Navy color code 608). It can also sometimes be found on for $60-$70. The M6000 series is "Made in China", compared to the "Made in England" M3 model.

About Fred Perry
Fred Perry was a very successful tennis player, and the first player to win all Grand Slam singles titles. In the late 1940s,Fred Perry and Tibby Wegner, an Austrian footballer, created the first sweatband under the Fred Perry name. Wegner's next idea was to produce a sports shirt, which was to be made from white knitted cotton pique with short sleeves and a buttoned placket like René Lacoste's shirts. Launched at Wimbledon in 1952, the Fred Perry tennis shirt was an immediate success. The white tennis shirt was only supplemented in the late 50s when mods began demanding more varied colour palettes. The Fred Perry shirt became the garment-of-choice for diverse groups of teenagers throughout the 1960s and 70s, ranging from the skinheads to the Northern soul scene. The brand's logo is a laurel wreath, based on the original symbol for Wimbledon. The logo, which appears on the left breast of a garment, is stitched into the fabric of the shirt.

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I recently purchased a shirt that looked similar. I bought it because of the Bond connection, and get into that Thunderball look. I also want to get a matching blue camp shirt and trousers like he wore when he met Q in Nassau. Wish me luck!

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