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Flos Arco Floor Lamp

photo © Flos
Flos Arco Floor Lamp, with Carrara Marble base and large, arching stainless steel arm
photo © Flos

photo © Danjaq, United Artists
Blofeld and Bond - and two Arco Floor Lamps behind the desk.
photo © Danjaq, United Artists

photo © Danjaq, United Artists
The Arco lamp in Blofelds penthouse gets a lot of screentime in Diamonds Are Forever
photo © Danjaq, United Artists

A Flos Arco floor lamp can be seen in Blofeld's penthouse apartment in the movie Diamonds Are Forever (1971).

The lamp can be seen quite prominently throughout the scene where James Bond (Sean Connery) finds out that Blofeld and one of his doubles are still alive, and has taken the place of Willard White.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Charles Gray) actually has two Arco lamps in his giant office, a great design feature and perhaps also a nod to the storyline of the two Blofeld's (the real Blofeld and one clone) that are in the room.

The Arco floor lamp is a modern overhead lamp designed by brothers Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni for Flos in 1962 and has been in constant production ever since its original release.

The Flos Arco floor lamp has a suspended aluminum pendant attached to an upright slab of Carrara marble via a large, arching arm made of stainless steel.

This now iconic lamp is part of the MoMa collection and has also been spotted in other movies and series, like The Beatles film Help! (1965), Iron Man (Tony Starks home), Tron: Legacy and Marvel's Jes­si­ca Jones, 

You can find the Flos Arco floor lamp at high end lighting stores, with a retail price of approximately £1,990 / $3,200. Or check eBay for more affordable used offers.

Another Flos lamp can be seen in For Your Eyes Only: Milos Columbo has a Flos Biagio Table Lamp, made from solid Carrara marble, on his desk on his yacht.

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Thanks to Jörg Reimer for the alert

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