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Aston Martin DB9 Keyring

photo © Anthony Holt
Aston Martin DB9 keychain by Anthony Holt Silversmiths
photo © Anthony Holt

photo © Sony Pictures, United Artists, Danjaq LLC
Screenshot of the keychain on the poker table in Casino Royale
photo © Sony Pictures, United Artists, Danjaq LLC

This handmade sterling silver Aston Martin DB9 Key ring was won by James Bond in a poker game against Alex Dimitrios in the movie Casino Royale (2006). Apparently Alex liked to use a modern DB9 keychain with his classic Aston Martin DB5.

The exclusive keychain made from 925 sterling silver and rhodium plated, is made by Anthony Holt, authorised and approved by Aston Martin. The keychain could be ordered at for £195 at the time of the film (and later for £300).

UPDATE 2021: Anthony Hoot doesn't seem to exist anymore, but sometimes you can find the DB9 keyring on eBay, for high prices.

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Anthony Holt Ltd. was a manufacturer and supplier of luxury goods with a family history of trading since 1915.

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I recently bought one of the Aston Martin keyrings as seen in CR. A very expensive item but I managed to get one being sold off in a clearout on ebay and I have to say it's a very nice item. A solid Sterling Silver Aston Martin DB9 on a sturdy chain, looks and feels the part!

I like the Aston Martin keychain! Can u ship to the United States? What service and do you know if there would be additional cost to do so??
Hi, I saw this keychain and at the moment i've seen it i want this keychain. But i can't find it anywhere. Where I can buy this db9 keychain?

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