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Live And Let Die 007-inspired Austin Mini Moke for sale

21 March, 2023

A rare 1965 Mini Moke, fully restored to look similar to the Moke seen in Live And Let Die, is currently for sale in Florida.

austin mini moke blue white for sale 1965 british built united kingdom

1965 Austin Mini Moke for sale
photo © Bond Lifestyle

This classic white Mini Moke comes with blue seats and a blue and white top, similar to the model driven by James Bond in Live And Let Die. This is a very sought-after early UK production model, right-hand drive, completely restored and in immaculate condition with the original engine.

History of the Moke

The Mini Moke is a small, front-wheel-drive utility and recreational convertible, designed by Sir Alec Issigonis and John Sheppard, who are credited for the creation of the well-known Mini. Originally created to be a lightweight off-road military vehicle for the British Army, when testing began, they quickly realized the low ground clearance and small tire height were too impractical for off-roading and military purposes. The Mini Moke was then offered in a civilian version as a low-cost, easily maintained utility vehicle.

mini-moke brochure

When the Moke was available for public sale in 1964, it quickly became a fan favorite for beach cruising and touring through cities.

The first Mokes were manufactured at the British Motor Corporation (BMC) Longbridge, Birmingham plant, with 14,518 produced in the UK between 1964 and 1968. 26,000 were manufactured in Australia between 1966 and 1981, and 10,000 in Portugal between 1980 and 1993 when, after a nearly 30-year run, production ended.

austin mini moke

Lightweight and equipped with a four-cylinder engine, the Mini Mokes also proved to be a fuel-efficient cruiser.  While UK production ended in 1968, the Moke continued to be produced in Australia, and later in Portugal with production ending in 1992.

James Bond and the Moke

The Moke brand was recently resurrected in the United States by Moke America which produces new gas and electric versions. Two special editions were released inspired by James Bond including the new 007 “San Monique” model and a James Bond 60th Anniversary model.

moke san monique 007 edition

The electric Moke America “San Monique” edition features distinctive Bond design, complete with 007 logos and “San Monique” artwork, wood steering wheel, and a tire cover featuring unique “San Monique” artwork
photo © Moke America

The San Monique model takes its name from the fictional island featured in Live And Let Die (1973). In the film, James Bond (Roger Moore) drives a white Mini Moke with a striking blue and white top through the streets to the wharf in fictional San Monique which was in fact filmed in Montego Bay Jamaica.

Moke James Bond Roger Moore live and Let Die

James Bond drives a Moke in Live And Let Die
© Danjaq, United Artists

James Bond Moke Live And Let Die

Roger Moore as James Bond in Live And Let Die
© Danjaq, United Artists

A 1:43 scale model of the white and blue Live And Let Die Moke is part of the James Bond Car Collection (find these on eBay).

mini moke james bond 1 43 scale model car collection

James Bond Car Collection Mini Moke Live And Let Die, 1:43 scale model

Moke vehicles can also be spotted in the James Bond movies You Only Live Twice (1967, in the volcano lair launch platform), The Spy Who Loved Me (1977, in the Liparus ship), and in Moonraker (1979, at the launch platform).

yellow mini moke in james bond films

Yellow Moke vehicles in You Only Live Twice (top), The Spy Who Loved Me (bottom left) and Moonraker (bottom right).

Moke in other films

In total, the Moke has made cameo appearances in over 70 films including the 1965 John Boorman film Catch Us If You Can, several appearances in the television series The Prisoner (1967-68) starring Patrick McGoohan. One of the original Prisoner Mokes sold for £69,750 (approx. $85k) at a Silverstone auction in 2021. The Moke also appeared in Emmanuelle (1974) and Carry on Camping (1969) and The Beatles, the Beach Boys and French actress and model Brigitte Bardot were photographed behind the wheel of a Moke.


Moke For Sale

While the new limited edition model is highly sought-after, we’ve found an original right-side drive 1965 British Mini Moke, documented by the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, that has been restored as a thematic tribute to the movie Live And Let Die and the 007 Mini Moke.

blue and white mini moke for sale in florida

For sale: fully restored right-side drive 1965 British Mini Moke
photo © Bond Lifestyle

The provenance of this right-side drive 1965 British Mini Moke is documented by the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust

With production happening in three different countries, the UK production versions of the Mini Mokes are seen as the most desirable because they came from the original Mini factory.

mini moke blue white 1965

The UK production versions of the Mini Mokes are seen as the most desirable because they came from the original Mini factory
photo © Bond Lifestyle

This rare all-steel bodied 1965 Mini Moke went through a total rust-free body restoration that included a reconditioning of the original motor and transmission, new seats, convertible tops, carpets as well as modern mechanical updates making this vehicle not only reliable and fun but also a highly desirable and rare example that turns heads everywhere it goes.

mini moke blue white cover blue chairs

This all-steel bodied 1965 Mini Moke with blue and white cover and blue seats is ready for a trip to the beach
photo © Bond Lifestyle

With all the restoration work and upgrades, this ready to drive a piece of Bond history makes for a fun leisure vehicle to cruise around the city or beach.

The Moke on offer is currently located in Florida, USA.

Note this is not the actual vehicle seen in the movie Live And Let Die but a classic Moke restored to look similar to the move version.

Price on application.

For enquiries, please send a message here.

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