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Bennett Winch SC Holdall

Join Operation: Nassau Reloaded

03 December, 2011

ThemePartyPeople has organised another Bond tour to the Bahamas, from May 24th - May 28th 2012. This is your chance to join Operation: Nassau Reloaded.

james bond

If you have always wanted to live the James Bond lifestyle and attend a Theme Party People Villains tour, this is your opportunity. ThemePartyPeople has a few spots open and you're welcome to join them for an action packed weekend vacation.

Your participation is requested in the Nassau assignment and final logistics and mission budgets will be forthcoming from the Home Office. The team of participating agents will be by invitation, Eyes only, and limited due to the accommodations arranged by CIA Operation leader, Felix Leiter.

Required acknowledgement of this assignment and armament holding fees of $100.00 per agent will be due December 31st 2011.

james bondThe complete itinerary, which includes some of the most famous Bond filming locations can be found on

Watch some of the latest video podcasts to see the adventures of previous tour, Villains & Voodoos, also organized by ThemePartyPeople.

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