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James Bond Saab 900 on Auction in Sweden

19 January, 2012

Bankrupt Swedish car company Saab is auctioning off more than 120 rare cars on display in the Saab museum, including 1981 James Bond-equipped Turbo 900 "Silver Beast".

While the list of cars, with their pictures and details, is available to bidders online (see here), only a select few will be permitted to take a closer look at the actual vehicles.

The doors of the museum are only opened for serious bidders.

The collection includes a wide range of Saab cars, from the original Saab prototype "Ur-Saaben" from 1946, a blue and yellow formula race car from 1960, rally cars, a limousine and a slew of their modern designs from the past decade, to 'concept cars' and prototype models.

The car manufacturer, which went bankrupt in December, is in the process of liquidating its assets and announced the auction when it seemed no one was interested in buying the whole collection.

For James Bond fans, the highlight of the auction is the James Bond-equipped 1981 Turbo 900 model, featured as Bond's own favourite in three of the spy novels written by John Gardner, is equipped with bullet-proof tires and windows, infra-red goggles, 4 tear-gas ducts and smokescreen protection and a "SAAB 007" number plate. See the photo in this article for the full list of special additions to the car.

See a list of all vehicles on offer here (PDF).

Written offers should be at the receivers no later than Friday, January 20, 2012, at. 12:00.

Read more about the Saab 900 Turbo on Bond Lifestyle.

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