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James Bond memorabilia highlights from Prop Store's first LA auction


Prop Store is hosting its Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction, for the first time in Los Angeles, across two days on August 26th and 27th 2020. The auction features some interesting James Bond props.

Over 870 rare and iconic lots from over 350 film and tv titles will be sold during Prop Store’s unique Live Auction, with the items on offer expected to fetch in excess of $6 million (£4.8 million).

Prop Store will hold a virtual preview exhibition event in August via social media, with opportunities to see props from the auction up close and ask questions of the auction staff.

Bond Lifestyle is giving away two auction catalogs (value £38 / $45), click here.

Below you can find an overview of the James Bond items in the auction:

Omega Seamaster 40th Anniversary Commemorative 007 Watch

Estimate: $3,000 - 5,000

Lot 380 A licensed commemorative Omega Seamaster 007 watch from Omega’s 40 Years of James Bond limited series.

omega seamaster 40 years james bond limited edition auction

Omega released its limited edition line in 2002 to coincide with the release of Lee Tamahori’s Die Another Day, as well as James Bond's first appearance on film 40 years earlier in Terence Young’s Dr. No. Bond began wearing Omega Seamaster watches in 1995's Goldeneye.

The watch on auction is an automatic stainless steel Omega Seamaster watch, numbered 00386 of 10,007, features a blue dial and a face engraved with multiple 007 logos.

Prop Store auction omega seamaster 40 years anniversary

It comes with a padded blue leather case embossed "40 years of James Bond Limited Series," a matching card holder, an operating instructions booklet, an Omega retail box, a 2001 product catalog, and an Omega Certificate of Authenticity. 
The watch and other contents of the box are in excellent overall condition and exhibit only slight signs of wear, while the box and catalog are scuffed from handling.

James Bond's (Pierce Brosnan) Passport

Estimate: $2,000 - 3,000

Lot 381 James Bond's (Pierce Brosnan) passport from Lee Tamahori's spy film Die Another Day (2002). Bond, under the alias Alex Smith, presented his passport when he first arrived in Cuba on the trail of a terrorist developing a deadly space weapon.

passport Pierce brosnan James Bond die another day auction

This paper passport features a dark red plastic cover reading "European Union United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Passport" in goldtone lettering with the royal coat of arms of the United Kingdom, as well as Bond's photo and information for James Bond alias "Alex Smith" in Die Another Day on the interior.

Passport James Bond Pierce Brosnan auction prop store cover uk

Included is a glossy black wooden frame with a decorative backing board for display.

James Bond's (Daniel Craig) Stunt Watch

Estimate: $8,000 - 10,000

Lot 382 James Bond's (Daniel Craig) stunt watch from Casino Royale (2006). Bond wore his Omega Seamaster wristwatch in the film’s black-and-white opening scene, in which the agent claimed his first kill.

Omega Seamaster stunt casino royale auction daniel craig rubber

This lot consists of a stunt watch with a clear rubber face with printed decals underneath that was specifically created for actor safety, a rubber body painted dark metallic gray to appear metallic, and a silvertone metal Omega Seamaster wristband.

Omega Semaster stunt prop daniel craig casino royale james bond rubber

Include is a black wooden display frame with a decorative backing board. The watch and display are in good overall condition with minor discoloration to the clear rubber of the watch and some scuffs to the wooden frame.

Casino Royale 1,000,000-Dollar Chip

Estimate: $1,000 - 1,500

Lot 383 A Casino Royale 1,000,000-dollar poker chip from Casino Royale (2006). James Bond (Daniel Craig), Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), and their fellow poker players used betting chips during the high-stakes game at the Casino Royale in Montenegro.

Casino Royale chip plaque poker 1000000

The chip is made of blue pearlescent plastic with a translucent red and yellow center and “Casino Royale $1,000,000 Montenegro” printed on both sides in gold and black.

Casino Royale 500,000-Dollar Chip

Estimate: $1,000 - 1,500

Lot 384 A Casino Royale 500,000-dollar poker chip from Martin Campbell’s spy film Casino Royale.

Casino Royale 500000 plaque chip james bond red

James Bond (Daniel Craig), Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen), and their fellow poker players used betting chips during the high-stakes game at the Casino Royale in Montenegro. 
This chip is made of red pearlescent plastic with a translucent green center and “Casino Royale $500,000 Montenegro” printed on both sides in gold and black text.

James Bond's (Daniel Craig) Aston Martin DBS Seat

Estimate: $3,000 - 5,000

Lot 385 James Bond's (Daniel Craig) Aston Martin DBS seat from Marc Forster's spy action film Quantum of Solace (2008).

Prop Store Quantum of Solace Aston Martin DBS seat auction

This custom-made seat was designed by production to accommodate over-the-shoulder filming in 007's signature vehicle. It was seen onscreen during the Siena, Italy chase sequence, in which the superspy evaded both the criminals and the carabinieri. 
The seat is constructed of padded gray leather and suede embroidered "DBS" with a carbon fiber back and headrest cut at the rear to allow the seat to fold over during shooting. A plastic and metal locking pin returns the seat to its upright position. The seat comes mounted to a black polymer podium display engraved "DBS Hand built in England."

Production Blueprints, Storyboards, and Crew Placard

Estimate: $400 - 600

Lot 379 A set of production blueprints, storyboards, and a crew placard from Irvin Kershner's James Bond film Never Say Never Again (1983). Drafted for the production of the film, the lot includes blueprints and storyboards for FX sequences.

Prop Store blueprints never say never james bond auction

Four large blueprints detail the conceptualization of the cruise missiles from the film. Two are incomplete copies, and two list production notes such as the date, designer, scale, and more. Six smaller blueprints depict the different scales and mechanics of the missiles. The storyboards list the FX shots and scene descriptions. The set includes 12 hand-drawn storyboards, five printed copies, 14 pages without any art, and a set of three storyboards on vellum. A cardstock crew placard for the production reading “Bond” is also included.

win auction catalogFor bidding and more info about the other lots in this auction, visit the website.

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