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Follow live updates from upcoming Bond events

12 September, 2014

If you are active on social media, make sure to follow Bond Lifestyle to stay up to date about Bond events, the latest contests and news.

Add some style to your Facebook timeline by joining more than 84,000 fellow fans on the page, where you will find unique photos not published on the website.

This weekend you can get live updates from the Goldfinger Reloaded event in Switzerland, and next week from the FSWL 10th anniversary weekend in Stockholm, Sweden.

Instagram users, you can see a selection of the photos via the app on you mobile phone (@jamesbondlifestyle) or on the website

For the more text oriented fans, get the latest updates directly on Twitter (@Bond_Lifestyle).

Dutch-speaking fans can follow Bond Lifestyle Nederland on Facebook for updates regarding the Dutch website, and events in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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Bond Lifestyle page on Facebook

Bond Lifestyle on Instagram

Bond Lifestyle on Twitter

Bond Lifestyle Nederland on Facebook

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