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Bennett Winch SC Holdall

Bennett Winch release Trifold Suit Carrier

21 April, 2024

Bennett Winch, the makers of the Suit Carrier Holdall used by James Bond in No Time To Die, have released a new standalone suit carrier, the Trifold.

Bennett Winch Trifold Suit Carrer

Bennett Winch Trifold Suit Carrer

sc holdallIn No Time To Die, Paloma (Ana de Armas) presents James Bond with his Tom Ford tuxedo in an olive-coloured canvas Bennett Winch Suit Carrier. That suit carrier is part of the S.C. Holdall which consists of a holdall bag and the suit carrier part that can be wrapped around the holdall for easy transport without creasing shirts and suits. Only the suit carrier part was seen in No Time To Die.

Now Bennett Winch has released the Trifold Suit Bag (available online at Bennett Winch) - a full-length suit bag that transforms into a lean carry with a capacity for up to three suits.

Bennett Winch Trifold Suit Carrer side view

Bennett Winch Trifold Suit Carrer, olive

Handmade in England, the Bennett Winch Trifold looks very similar to the original suit carrier but it's bigger has some extra features, including a shoulder strap for the suit carrier and a pad to attach it to your rolling suitcase.

Compare the size of the original Suit Carrier (left) and the new Trifold (right).

Compare the size of the original SC Holdall suit carrier (left) and the new Trifold suit carrier (right)

The original Suit Carrier can accommodate 1 suit while the Trifold has the capacity for three suits.

The Bennett Winch Trifold Suit Carrer protects suits and shirts from creases during transport

The Suit Carrier is made to roll your clothes and suits instead of crease at the folds thanks to 3 magnetic attachments and a set of parallel Tuscan leather retaining straps which reduce sharp angles.

The Trifold can be carried in hand, over the shoulder with a military-grade cotton webbing shoulder strap or fixed atop your suitcase.

The Bennett Winch Trifold can be carried in hand, over the shoulder or fixed atop your rolling case

The suit carrier has a rear panel that can be mounted over rolling luggage.

The Trifold can easily be attached to your rolling suitcase

The attaching sleeve also features a pocket big enough for books, passports, an 11-inch iPad or any other accessories that need to be easily accessed during a trip.

James Bond and Q would be happy: a convenient pocket to store your passport... or rebreather.

The suit carrier comes in three colors: Olive (the same color and material used for James Bond's SC Holdall), Black or Navy.

The Bennett Winch Trifold suit carrier is now available for £750 / $1,150, which is less than the SC Holdall.

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