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Bond Lifestyle Contest #16 - Win Floris No.89

Win Floris no.89It's been too long, but the Bond Lifestyle contest is back! Check back here regularly for contests with Bond related prizes.

Answer this question before September 3rd 2012 for your chance to win a 100ml bottle of Floris No.89 Eau de Toilette (value £69 / $108)!

In one of the films, James Bond makes a really funny quip when he says:

"I'm sure Bill would have loved that."

To which "Bill" is Bond referring?


The available options were:

1| Chief of Staff Bill Tanner
2| Agent 002 Bill Fairbanks
3| President Bill Clinton
4| Stuntman Bill Weston

The correct answer was "Agent 002 Bill Fairbanks". About 62% of the participants answered this correctly. 31% of the participants answered Bill Tanner, 5% chose Bill Clinton and 2% Stuntman Bill Weston.

The winner of the contest has been randomly selected from the people with a correct answer and his name is Shawn Mihalik from the USA. Congratulations Shawn!