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Douglas Pell Money Clip

Douglas Pell
Douglas Pell money clip as seen in Casino Royale
Douglas Pell

Douglas Pell
Symbols on the Douglas Pell moneyclip explained
Douglas Pell

In the movie Casino Royale, James Bond uses a money clip to keep his money and credit card. The money clip is handmade by english silversmith Douglas Pell.

The money clip can be seen on dvd, or better, the Blu-Ray versions of Casino Royale when Bond and Vesper get into the car after the train ride to Montegegro. Bond turns left and grabs a bill and takes the envelope from the porter with his left hand, the same hand he is holding the clip of money and cards. One of the clips used is now on display at the Bond In Motion exhibition in the London Film Museum.

The money clip that is still available is the same one as used in the film, except that the last mark, the date mark, is different. Since the date mark changes every year, the current clip has a different mark then the original clip used in Casino Royale, which had an "f" signifying "2005".

The money clip is available on for $100 and find several on offer on eBay.

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The marks explained:

DP: DP for Douglas Pell

925: 925 parts silver in 1000

Leopard head: signifying Assay Office London, the office that grades the silver item.

Letter code: denoting year of production. "h" is for 2007. The original Casino Royale version had an "f"

Price in 2007: £96.00

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Got one for xmas and love it! Only difference between mine and the movie's is the current stamp letter is "j". But hey, just say that is stands for James Bond!

Man, got a money clip, but not the Douglas Pell one, mine is just plain. However I took my credit card and money clip and compared it to the image at the Omega James Bond Exhibition, It almost looked identical, I even have the same color and VISA Credit.

Just got mine and worth the cost

it's classy and very simple... i just think it would have been better if the hallmarks were put at the back of the clip...

although hallmarks are proof of quality, they sometimes ruin the aesthetic characteristics od the products...

Simple and elegant-well worth the cost. A conversation piece when one is asked what the marks stand for.

Very fragile . Keep it in the box if you don't want to see scratch on.

Not bad, not bad at all. With the discount being offered on this page, I think it's well worth the cost. Although you didn't actually see it in any of Craig's Bond films, it is an advertised Bond item. It's very classy, and somewhat plain, but simple equals beautiful to me. Obviously all it has on it is the Douglas Pell initials, 925 sterling rating, lion head symbol, and the year code. But it's oh so attractive. On the other hand, it is a lot smaller than I had imagined, with measurements at around 1/2" by 2" I figured it would be somewhere around double that size. But I don't regret buying it. Very classy.

Picked mine in 2009, however, the Letter code shows K which I think signifying 2010. Anyone know why?

Just picked up one of these and love the look of it. I too wish it was a little bigger. I was planning on using it for everyday use but after seeing how nice it is, it has been relegated to special occasions. Thinking of ordering the matching keychain.

I'm not sure why your letter code reads a year early. A possibly might be related to car production. For example, second half 2010 cars are generally sold as 2011's. This might be the case for your DP. Then again, I know Zippo follows the same phylosophy with their lighters.

Douglas Pell has reissued this clip. With the "h" on it.
I looked all over for a money clip. Found this site and knew immediately this was it. With my husband being a big James Bond fan for years I knew it! My husband loves it!! Bonus using the code helped me save some bucks!!
I just bought one of these cost me £115 and has an extra hallmark not mentioned on this site although it is well worth the cost, as someone else stated a good conversation piece, get's scratches very easily...
I plan on buying one of these. The reason the letter (year) mark does not correspond with the letter's actual number in the alphabet is because the letter A would be required to represent a zero, as in 2010. B would therrepresent a 1, C a 2, and so on.
Because the letter A (first letter of the alphabet) represents a zero, as in the year 2000. B (the second letter) would represent a 1 and so on. This year, 2019, will be stamped with an R, even though it is the 18th letter of the alphabet. That is my theory.
Hi, has anyone an idea where I can get a Douglas Pell money clip in Germany or at least shipped to Germany? The amazon listing I can find don't seem to be trustworthy. Thanks.
I bought my husband one from the City of London Jewellers, and he uses it all the time. It is very practical and stylish.

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