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S.T. Dupont 007 Leather Billfold With Bullet Pen

photo © S.T. Dupont
S.T. Dupont 007 Leather Billfold With Bullet Pen
photo © S.T. Dupont

The black leather billfold features a compact "bullet" ball pen, three credit card slots and a gusseted, snap pocket for change and other essential items.

The billfold and pen are part of the 2004 S.T. Dupont 007 series and quite rare. On eBay you can usually find a selection of 007 branded S.T. Dupont accessories.

Original price: $ 360

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Summer Essentials 2024


I just bought the 3 credit card version of this wallet, and it is absolutely great. The leather is the highest quality, as you would expect from ST Dupont, and the added bonus of the "hidden" mini-pen inside the wallet is a nice Bond-ish touch. The 007 insignia is embossed on the upper left corner of the exterier, as well as just below the credit card slots on the inside of the wallet. It is a little pricey, but I plan on using it as my "special occasion" wallet for many years to come.

Where exactly did you buy this wallet? Thank you
I was cleaning out my shelves and came across mine I bought over a decade ago. Still in box, unused. Selling on eBay!

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