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SIS/MI6 Headquarters, Vauxhall Cross, London, UK

SIS/MI6 Headquarters, Vauxhall Cross, London, UK
SIS/MI6 Headquarters, Vauxhall Cross, London, UK
photo © Bond Lifestyle

The Vauxhall Cross SIS Building, also commonly known as the MI6 Building, is the headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence Service.

The building is located at 85, Vauxhall Cross in the south western part of central London, along the Albert Embankment on the bank of the River Thames beside Vauxhall Bridge (Google Maps).

This MI6 building can be seen in the James Bond films GoldenEye (1995), The World Is Not Enough (1999), Die Another Day (2002), SkyFall (2012) and SPECTRE (2015).

The Vauxhall Cross building was completed in April 1994 and officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in July of that year. A year later the building is first seen in a Bond movie, GoldenEye.

In Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), the building is not seen, but in the opening sequence of The World Is Not Enough, the MI6 headquarters are prominently featured when a bomb was detonated, killing Sir Robert King and damaging a portion of the building. James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) jumps out of the building with the Q-boat, starting the chase with the cigar girl (played by Maria Grazia Cucinotta). Filming was partly done using a 50 foot high model of Vauxhall Cross constructed at Pinewood Studios.

In Die Another Day, we see an exterior nightime shot of the building from across the Thames, establishing the location of Bond's virtual reality training session.

In Casino Royale (2005) and Quantum of Solace (2008) we see the interior of MI6, but there are no exterior or establishing shots of the building itself.

In SkyFall, the building is once again prominently featured when we first see M in her office in the pre-title sequence, and in an establishing shot of the building by night right after the title sequence. In another scene, the building is shown from the Vauxhall Bridge when M and Bill Tanner witness the large explosion which destroys the front of the building. This might be the last time we see the building in a Bond film, as by the end of the movie SkyFall, MI6 has set up a new office, which resembles the more classic offices used in the earlier Bond films. In the last scene of SkyFall, behind the desk of the new M, we can see an impressionist painting of the MI6 Vauxhall Cross building.

In SPECTRE, the MI6 building is set for demolition after the attack in SkyFall. The building plays an important part in the last big action scene of SPECTRE.

The location is definitely worth a visit when you are in London. The best place to see the building is from the Vauxhall Bridge. Please note that filming in the vicinity of the building is not allowed.

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This article requires updating to include it's foam appearance in SPECTRE (2015).

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