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Bond 24 released in 2015, Sam Mendes returns

12 July, 2013

Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, EON Productions; Gary Barber, Chairman & CEO, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; Michael Lynton, CEO, Sony Entertainment, Inc, and Amy Pascal, Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment today announced that Daniel Craig will once again return as the legendary British secret agent in the 24th James Bond film and Sam Mendes will also return to direct the screenplay written by John Logan. The film is set for release in the UK on October 23, 2015 and in the US on November 6, 2015.

Sam Mendes James Bond Daniel Craig Bond 24

Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes at the SkyFall press conference

SkyFall the 23rd James Bond film, took in $1.1 billion worldwide and set a new mark as the highest-grossing film of all time in the UK; it was the best-selling Bond film on DVD/Blu-ray and was the most critically acclaimed film in the history of the longest-running film franchise.

Commenting on the announcement, Wilson and Broccoli said, “Following the extraordinary success of SkyFall, we’re really excited to be working once again with Daniel Craig, Sam Mendes and John Logan.”

“I am very pleased that by giving me the time I need to honour all my theatre commitments, the producers have made it possible for me to direct Bond 24. I very much look forward to taking up the reins again, and to working with Daniel Craig, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli for a second time,” said Mendes.

Barber added, “We are thrilled to reunite the extraordinary talents of director Sam Mendes with our star Daniel Craig for the next great Bond adventure.” He added, “As evidenced by the phenomenal success of our last collaboration with EON Productions and Sony, the incredible legacy of this 51-year-old franchise continues to amaze.”

Pascal and Lynton said, “It’s a privilege to work on the Bond films. EON, John Logan and Sam Mendes have come up with an extraordinary follow up to SkyFall and we, along with our partners at MGM, can’t wait to share this new chapter with audiences all over the world.”


Nobody seems to care that the fans were told every year and a half to two years. Now it's three years. They know we are loyal and take advantage of us. That part is not fair. But,,,, James Bond will 2015
I met Mr Mendes at Wimbledon whilst working there and he confirmed that he was going to do bond 24
I'm so excited for the next breathtaking Bond movie! I'm just wondering, what's the title for the next movie? and oh! mixed up with miss Adele's stunning voice, geeeez! it's really something I would watch even a thousand times! to Mr. Daniel Craig believe me, i'm only 20years old but i've seen all your James Bond movies! and you never, as in never for a second made me disappointed. You are a family's favorite~! hope to see more of your Bond movies! -regards! -kathleen (from Cebu City, Philippines)
You'd rather them rush one out every year and a hald to two years than wait a little longer for a better one? Not me. It's not like I don't 23 other Bond movies to tide me over...
I hope Ronson will make it this time.
Word has it that they filmed this picture right after doing Skyfall!

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