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Omega Speedmaster worn in Tomorrow Never Dies on Auction


An Omega Speedmaster Professional worn in the movie Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) will be auctioned at Halifax Mill Autioneers on February 19th, 2023. Update: final sale price 6,400 GBP

omega speedmaster gotz otto watch on auction

Halifax Mill Auctioneers offers an Omega Speedmaster Professional watch worn by Götz Otto in Tomorrow Never Dies.

The Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.50.00 was worn by Götz Otto as Stamper in the film and given to him as a gift by Pierce Brosnan.

The caseback of the watch is inscribed "Tomorrow Never Dies 1997".

Omega Speedmaster caseback watch inscribed Tomorrow Never Dies 1997

The caseback is inscribed "Tomorrow Never Dies 1997".

The watch comes with box, papers and original papers that confirm its provenance.

The watch on auction was, according to the paperwork and emails, a gift from Pierce Brosnan to Götz Otto.

Omega Speedmaster Tomorrow Never Dies Auction papers provenance

The Omega Speedmaster Professional watch comes with box, papers and original papers that describe its provenance

The Omega Speedmaster Professional is also kown as the Moonwatch, as it was the first watch to be worn on the Moon. It can be spotted in many films (see an overview on but it was not yet known that this model was worn in Tomorrow Never Dies.

gotz otto tomorrow never dies omega speedmaster professional

Götz Otto as Stamper in Tomorrow Never Dies

Halifax Mill Auctioneers owner James Watson with lots from the upcoming James Bond auction
photo via Halifax Courier

"... what makes this one interesting and a rarity,” commented Halifax Mill Auctioneers owner and lead auctioneer James Watson in The Halifax Courier, “is that the watch was physically used for and is on-screen within Pierce Brosnan's 1997 007 classic, Tomorrow Never Dies. The watch features an inscription to its reverse, of 'Tomorrow Never Dies '97', and was a gift from Pierce to the film's main bad guy, Richard Stamper, played by Gotz Otto. The lot features all of the associated provenance and paperwork that you would expect, and has arrived with Halifax Mill from a Lancashire collector, in addition to the gentleman's collection of first edition Ian Fleming Bond classics."

swatch case 40th anniversary aluminum ian fleming books first edition auction

Other Bond auction lots include a Swatch 40th Anniversary case and first edition Ian Fleming novels

The auction not only features the watch and Ian Fleming first edition Bond novels, but also a Swatch 40th Anniversary Watch Case (a similar case is also offered in the Bond Lifestyle For Sale section).

Bidding for the Omega Speedmaster Professional watch with box, papers and provenance, starts at £1000, has an estimated price of £6k - £8k and the auction takes place on Sunday 19 February 2023.

Update 20 February: final sale price of the watch was 6,400 GBP excl. auction fees.

Bid online via The Saleroom

With thanks to Frank for the alert


I'm surprised he hasn't lost this. James loses loads of things people consign to him. Trust him as far as you'd throw him.
How has it taken 26 years for this watch model to be identified as having been used in the film? As the movie screenshots above show, it can be clearly seen that Stamper is wearing a Moonwatch. Furthermore, I believe one of the other stealthship guys wears one too.
Probably because it was very brief. Unlike Bond's SMP, it barely got any screen time. We never really saw Stamper's watch until during the climax at the end in the stealth ship. Even so it was very fast and during an action scene in a dimly lit set.

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