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Daniel Craig has been chosen as the new James Bond - do you approve?

21 October, 2005

Is Daniel Craig the right choice for portraying James Bond in Casino Royale? Internet Polls by IMDb, Time and MSNBC suggest he's not...

The Internet Movie Database Daily Poll shows the following results:

29,10%   No, not at all
28,20%   Yes, absolutely
24,60%   I could care less -- I'm neither shaken nor stirred
18,10%   Um, sorry to ask, but who's Daniel Craig?

A total of 16332 votes were collected.

In a poll by Time, readers voted on their favorite Bond for Casino Royale. Pierce Brosnan should have been picked as the next James Bond says 33% of the voters, followed by Clive Owen (29%) and Hugh Jackman (14%). Daniel Craig got 7% of the votes, staying just above Eric Bana (5%) and Ewan McGregor (5%).

Complete results:
33% Pierce Brosnan
29% Clive Owen
7%  Daniel Craig
5%  Eric Bana
5%  Ewan McGregor
2%  Hugh Grant
2%  Colin Farrell
1%  Colin Firth
1%  Heath Ledge

(updated: 9 November 2005)

In a poll by MSNBC, readers voted on their favorite Bond for Casino Royale. Again, Pierce Brosnan was by far the favorite, this time followed by Hugh Jackman. Daniel Craig makes it till the 7th place.

Complete results:
1. Pierce Brosnan (27796 votes)
2. Hugh Jackman (25462 votes)
3. Clive Owen (18764 votes)
4. Colin Farrell (4571 votes)
5. Dougray Scott (3375 votes)
6. Orlando Bloom (2794 votes)
7. Daniel Craig (2211 votes)
8. Ioan Gruffudd (1758 votes)
9. Colin Firth (1471 votes)

(updated: 14 November 2005)

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