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Call for specific Papers: James Bond and Popular Culture: the films are not enough!

16 June, 2009

The editors of a forthcoming volume are seeking a few specific articles to supplement a book in progress about James Bond and Popular Culture.

The following topics will be given first consideration for inclusion in the forthcoming book.

James Bond and Linguistics: How have the James Bond movies and novels affected our speech and semeiotic communication?

Gender in the James Bond Comics

The music of Bond: the success or lack of success of Bond theme-songs. Did the scoring impact the popularity of the film; or did the popularity of the musical score impact the movie?

John Barry as a composer of Bond Music!

Why are there so many spin-off tributes on LP, download and CD?

John Gardner as Bond Novelist: What are the historical considerations of the 1980s Cold War in Gardner books. We want something that is MORE than just a review of the novels: A historical analysis of Gardner and Bond in the 1980s.

Raymond Benson as Bond Novelist: Bond in the 1990s. How does Benson relate Bond in its 1990/Early 2000s incarnation?

The Devil May Care a New Bond novel? Does it work as a sequel to Fleming? Or not!

James Bond Jr. and the early James Bond children's literature and programs! The Young Adult Bond and how does it fit into Bond mythology?

Bond, Christianity, and the Bible. Recently there was published a biblical look at James Bond,James Bond: threats, thrills, guns, girls by Nick Pollard as well as others). What other theological literature has been published (print or online). How do these theological ideologies fit into the Bond Mythos?

There were two films made about Ian Fleming; Spymaster and Golden Eye. Were these films true to the story of Fleming? How were they fabricated?

Bond Collecting!

Bond the Game Boy: Bond games? (History of the various games etc.,)

Ian Fleming as a Storyteller: how did he do it?

The "fake" illegal James Bond novel Jim Hatfield's The Killing Zone! Does it "work" as a James Bond thriller?

Fan Fiction: there are a numerous Fan Fiction novels at! Are they any good? Do they stay true to the Bond mythos? A good analysis of the James Bond fanfic phenomena would be most welcomed.

How good are the adaptations of Ian Fleming's novels to the comic strip format?

Clothes, cars, and cocktails; fashion trends started by the Bond phenomena.

The depiction of gaming (gambling) in Bond novels and films!

James Bond Video Games: What are the stories behind the games? What is the history of Bond video games?

For Librarians: Metadata and James Bond Abstracts due by September 15th 2009.
Final essays by November 31st 2009.

Other topics will be considered just email the editors!

Edited by Rob Weiner, Jack Becker, and Lynn Whitefield.

Contact Rob Weiner or Jack Becker

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