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Bond Lifestyle Contest #25: Guess The Value!

To celebrate 50,000 Likes on the Facebook page, Bond Lifestyle offers you a chance to win a John Smedley Bobby jumper and a pair of Dents Gloves.

Bond Lifestyle contest case guess chips value

Look at the photos and guess the total value in dollar ($) of the casino chips in the attaché case. Chips with the following values are present in the pile: $5, $25, $100, $500, $5000, $25,000 and $100,000.

Contest chips Casino Royale

Tip: not all the chips can be seen in the photo so you will have to guess the total amount. The person who's guess is the closest to the actual amount will win the first prize. The second closest will win the second prize. If there are more people with the same good guess, the winner will be selected at random from these people.

1st prize john smedley dentsFill in the form below, before March 16th 2014, 11:59pm. You can enter maximum 2 times per emailaddress or name. 

First Prize
One black John Smedley Bobby V-Neck jumper and a pair of Dents Gloves, both in the size of your choice.

q mugSecond Prize
The runner up wins a Wild & Wolf Q-Mug.

Fill in the Form below this photo!

Contest Case John Smedley Dents

This contest has now ended. The question was: What is the total value of all the chips in the case in US$?

The answer to the question was: $2,617,250

This is a breakdown of the chips in the case:
$100000 x 20 = 2000000
$25000 x 20 = 500000
$5000 x 20 = 100000
$500 x 25 = 12500
$100 x 25 = 2500
$25 x 75 = 1875
$5 x 75 = 375
Total: $2,617,250

See the new image below showing the chips stacked neatly in piles.

Adam Haly from the USA had the closest guess, $2,617,755. His guess was only $505 off! Well done! Adam wins the John Smedley Bobby V-Neck jumper and a pair of Dents Gloves (as seen in SkyFall).

The second closest guess came from Jeremiah Reno from Japan. His guess of $2,615,000 earn him a Wild & Wolf Q-Mug (as seen in SkyFall).

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all the participants!

If you forgot what number you guessed, write a message on the Contact page mentioning your emailaddress and name and I will send you your number, so you can see how close you were.

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Guess the value contest