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#34 Bond Lifestyle Contest: Win one of the three Sunspel sets

Enter the new Bond Lifestyle Contest to win one of the three Sunspel outfits! Answer the trivia questions before May 22nd, 2015 for your chance to win.

bond lifestyle sunspel competition

Bond wears Sunspel shirts in the movie Casino Royale: a navy Riviera Polo, a White V-Neck T-Shirt and a Grey Melange Crew Neck shirt (read more). Sunspel now offers three sets which include those shirts plus one other Sunspel piece in each set and you have to select the set that you want to win.

Sunspel set 1: Riviera White V-Neck + Sunspel Classic Boxer set
Set 1 contains a Sunspel Riviera White V-Neck shirt and a Sunspel Classic Boxer Set in the colour of your choice. Total value £175.

Sunspel Set 1

Sunspel set 2: Riviera Grey Melange Crew Neck + Sunspel swim shorts
Set 2 contains Sunspel Riviera Grey Melange Crew Neck shirt and a pair of sky blue Sunspel swim shorts that were designed in cooperation with Lindy Hemming for the Barbican Designing 007 exhibition. Total value £175 .

Sunspel Set 2

Sunspel set 3: Riviera Navy Polo + Sunspel chinos
Set 3 contains a Sunspel Riviera Navy Polo plus a pair of Sunspel chino trousers in the colour of your choice. Total value £225.

Sunspel Set 3

Before midnight (CET) May 22nd 2015, answer the two trivia questions below, select which prize you want to win and fill in your name and email address for your chance to win!

This contest has ended. Thank you all for entering!

The first question was: "In the movie Casino Royale (2006), James Bond chases bombmaker Mollaka. In which country is this chase taking place? Malawi, Madagascar, Montenegro or Monaco?"
Correct answer: Madagascar.

This is the percentage of respondents that selected the answer:
Madagascar: 92,9%
Montenegro: 3,2%
Malawi: 2,5%
Monaco: 1,4%

The second question was: "In which country was this chase actually filmed? Botswana, Barbados, Bahamas or Bolivia?"
Correct answer: The Bahamas.

This is the percentage of respondents that selected the answer:
Bahamas: 92,2%
Barbados: 3,9%
Botswana: 2,5%
Bolivia: 1,4%

Only people with both answers correct were eligible to win. The winners of this contest are:

Sunspel Set 1 (V-Neck shirt + boxer set): Harris Thomas from the USA
Sunspel Set 2 (Crew Neck shirt + swim shorts): Jack Watt from the UK
Sunspel Set 3 (Polo shirt + chino trousers): Olivier Lelong from France

Congratulations to all the winners!