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James Bond Tribute Band 'Q The Music' show live and webstream

27 November, 2016

The World’s leading James Bond Tribute Band, Q The Music, are set to broadcast their next major public event across the World; streamed on the web in November 2016. They are crowd-funding the project by selling advanced copies of the stream, as well as DVDs and CDs of the show.

On 27th November, the show returns to The Harlington theatre in Fleet, Hampshire (UK) – following a sell out show last year. Ramping things up this year, the show have added a live String section to the performance and will be using Nic Raine’s String arrangements. Musical Director Warren Ringham explained: “Nic Raine is widely regarded as the leading arranger and orchestrator of Bond music – and after all, he was John Barry’s orchestrator, working on A View To A Kill and The Living Daylights – so this is a really exciting for us to be teaming up with him.”

q the music james bond tribute band london

For those who can’t be at The Harlington in person, Q The Music’s electric and awe-inspiring performance will be available right to spectator’s homes; streams of the show will be on the web 24 hours later. In addition DVDs and CDs will be on sale. “This is something we have wanted to do for a number of years. We have followers all over the World who ask about seeing us live, and now they can! We have already sold streams to the US, Germany, Netherlands, Thailand, South Africa and of course, the UK.”

q the music james bond tribute band laser show

As well as the concert itself, the stream is going to be hosted Chris Wright, a co-presenter of the hugely popular podcast James Bond Radio. “I’m so happy and excited to have Chris there. As well as becoming a good friend, he is a huge fan of our show (having seen it himself), so this will be a great opportunity to team up. Chris is going to be circulating round the theatre chatting to cast and crew, and also getting reaction from the crowd at the event.”

q the music james bond tribute band show

The show is being recorded, filmed and mixed by Mark Forster and his company Worldwide Productions. Mark himself worked at Abbey Road Studios and was involved and worked on the last three James Bond film soundtrack recordings.

The show, on Sunday 27th November, still has limited tickets available for sale if you want to go in person on:

Or, you can pre-order a stream, DVD or CD on their crowd-funding page.

q the music james bond tribute band singing

If you haven't already seen this fabulous show, check them out on YouTube:

Visit the Q The Music website at

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