One&Only Ocean Club, Bahamas

photo © One&Only
James Bond's villa, One&Only Ocean Club, Bahamas
photo © One&Only

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia
Bond and Solange in the suite
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia
Bond in the suite
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia

photo © One&Only
One&Only Ocean Club
photo © One&Only

The Ocean Club, featured prominently in Casino Royale, actually exists. Several scenes were filmd in and around the Club. First Bond arrives with a waterplane and drives in his Ford Mondeo to the club. After he causes some car damage at the parking, Bond goes to the lobby, where he finds out that it is Alex Dimitrios who received the sms sent by Mollaka. Later Bond plays a short poker game against Dimitrios in The Library (which is located just off te lobby) and wins his Aston Martin DB5 (with DB9 keyring). After the game he seduces Dimitrios' girlfriend Solange and takes her to his Ocean Club sea-view villa, but leaves for Miami when he finds out that Dimitrios is headed there, leaving Solange with champagne and Beluga caviar.

Bond's villa, pictured on the left, is available for rent on the One&Only Ocean Club website. Please compare photos below to see how the suite in the movie is exactly the same as the original.

Thanks to Ted for the alert

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My family actualy stayed here during our vacation, brilliant area and extensive security. Beaches are probably the best in the world. I did come across an interestiing tid bit of information, Sean connery actualy lives on the island, to bad i didnt bump into him, obviously hes a realy big part of the bond world.

i wanna know more detail n information, i wish u can offer me some advices or share any idea with me.
thank you:)

if i were a bird i would go to bahams and certainly ocean club .cause as a human being sometimes things rnt possible cause we have too much limitations and we r stuck. When i will be independent someday i will go to ocean club and stay in this room as james bond did and i wud enjoy the beauty rather thinking about a fight..cause in reality we r tired of fighting , surviving, bt we need to take a deep breath and this is the perfect place for me.

Bangladesh,south asia.
august01,2010...2:30 a.m


I look forward to returning to visit. I noticed that you have put me in a Ocean View Room. We have Stayed in the Suite in the past & would like to do the same on our stay. I hope you can accommodate us.
My wife and I booked an ocean view room for nov, it is about 5600 American

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