Gucci suitcase

photos © Bond Lifestyle
The actual Gucci Suitcase on display in The National Motor Museum, Beaulieu
photos © Bond Lifestyle

This Gucci suitcase is used by James Bond in the 1974 movie The Man With The Golden Gun. Bond carries the suitcase when he arrives in the Hong Kong harbour.

The actual suitcase used in the movie was on display in The National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, UK, as a part of a special exhibition on Bond Vehicles and Props.

This vintage Gucci suitcase is now very hard to find. It is recommended to check eBay, garage sales or your local second hand shop.

In the same film, Bond wears a Gucci belt.

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I would like to know how much that particular design is worth...I have one just like it.

If memory serves this case is also seen in "For Your Eyes Only".

Fooling around looking for Xmas gifts I found a beautiful small shop selling vintage cloths and accessories. Among all the stuff I found a vintage Gucci suitcase in the of the same style and size of the one seen in The Man with the golden Gun (arrival to Hong Kong meeting Merry Goodnight). The only difference is the colour of the fabric, the one in the movie is dark brown while this is light. Despite this the suitcase is in mint condition, I think never used just a leftover from some shop that has shot down the activity. I do not know what to do. Is it worth to spend the price they are asking? About €500. IMO this kind of suitcases are still very nice and chic to see around specially now that everybody is traveling with boring trolleys.

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