BMW 750iL

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC
Pierce Brosnan as Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies with the BMW 750iL
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photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC
The BMW 750iL delivered to Bond by Q in Tomorrow Never DIes
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC

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Modified BMW 7 series with steering wheel on the back seat, seen at an exhibition at Museum Industriekultur, Nuremberg
photo © F30

A 1997 BMW 750iL is given to James Bond by Q in the movie Tomorrow Never Dies.

BMW 750iL (the stretched version, noted by the "L" in 750iL) is a four-door, as opposed to the sexier two-doored Z3 seen in GoldenEye. But the 750iL has a combination of conservative good looks and performance that's comparable to any of its predecessors. Few large sedans are as well-proportioned as the BMW 7-series or manage to be both restrained and alluring. The sporty handling of the BMW brand ensures that this car is as lithe as it is imposing.

A bullet-dodging Bond has operates this car from the backseat, lying on his side, with a remote control that doubles as a cell phone. The car doesn't make it out alive in the movie. The BMW 750iL takes a memorable dive off a seven-story parking garage and crash lands onto an Avis car rental office.

The special 'Q' features available on the BMW 750iL:

  • Operable by remote control via Ericsson cell phone
  • Elaborate security system that could immobilize the vehicle and emit an electric charge to scare off any would-be thieves
  • Stinger missiles hidden in the sunroof
  • Re-inflating tires
  • Retractable metal cutter behind BMW badge
  • Mechanism to discharge tear gas or smoke
  • Releases three-pointed nails from underneath the rear of the car
  • Bulletproof body armor and glass
  • Front and rear video cameras
  • Glove-compartment safe that requires Bond's fingerprint to open
  • Assorted hidden compartments
  • Voice capability: This car can talk in a soothing, and not surprisingly, female voice

The number on the license plate of Bond's BMW 750iL is "B-MT 2144." This is similar to the license plate on his GoldenEye Aston Martin DB5 "BMT 214A".

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Orlebar Brown


I retract my previous statement... It is infact a 750iL, coulda swore...

I did notice, however, that when he drives the car over the spikes and blows the tires, then reinflates them the rims are not the M-Parallel's that are on the car at the rest of the movie. It is fairly easy to notice because the "stunt" deflating/inflating wheels have smaller rims.

Just a quick FYI, this model year the car was a 750iL, not Li. Also, even though Q calls it a "seven hundred and fifty" it is really a 740iL in the movie, which is the 8 cylinder version, the 750 has a 12 cylinder.

Got one! and I love it!

it is a BMW 7 Series from 1995-2001

i think this car is an awsome bmw, but wat year model is it

What color was it?

In my opinion, the most practical of all Bond cars. As a said in another post, instead of destroying rare Aston Martins or a rare Z8, which was actually a horrible production car by the way, he could drive something a bit less conspicuous but something still very spy-like. He could have the DB5 as his personal classic sports car, similar to what we saw in Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies. I believe the 5 series or the M5 would be more fitting for the Bond of today though. But come on, that goofy bullet proof glass isn't fooling anyone.

I just picked up a 2000 740il. I LOVE the car! As my boss told me today, a double-ought spy car!





Who owns the 750 BMW James bond drove? Is it still around today?
There were about 12 cars used for the shooting, including 7 that were 'pristine' (not damaged), so I'm sure some must survive somewhere
We have one it still looks brand new Same color and my front plate is BMT 2144.

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