Army PTI Training Jacket

photo © Joint Services Clothing Company
Joint Services Clothing Company PTI Jacket, similar to the jacket worn by Bond in SkyFall. You can order the jacket with SIS-logo inspired insignia.
photo © Joint Services Clothing Company

photo © Joint Services Clothing Company
SIS PTI Base Layer by Joint Services Clothing Company
photo © Joint Services Clothing Company

In the movie SkyFall, James Bond wears an Army physical training corps PTI training jacket with an SIS insignia under the left chest pocket. The jacket can be spotted in the teaser trailer during the interrogation scene and in the other trailers in the shooting range scene. It is not known which company made the jacket, or if it was made or adjusted by the costume designer. PTI Training Jackets are made for the Army Physical Training Corps. PTI stands for Physical Training Instructor.

A good place to get one would be Joint Services Clothing, a British company that manufactures officially licensed clothing and delivers directly to the British Army. A similar jacket can be ordered on their website for £30.00, and you can even have a Bond inspired SIS insignia embroidered on it. Also available is a long sleeve shirt with the logo. The insignia has been updated in December 2012 to a more similar insignia as seen in SkyFall, order that one here (it's different from the one pictured on the left).

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Hi. Any idea what sweatpants James Bond is wearing along with the PTI jacket?
If anyone has the answer, I'm interested too.
Just looked at the JSC website and they are now offering their version of an SIS embroidered jacket.
Please let me also know which sweatpants JB was wearing.
The site now embroiders the SIS logo on the jacket. On the menu bar, select 'Other'.
OK guys, Joint Services Clothing have now digitised the new crest, they are still refining it but have it on the jacket, the inner layer and a polo shirt. As this is the run up to Christmas please bear with them, all orders will now have the new crest. Can't wait to get mine.
Please find out what sweatpants jb was wearing the training scene along with the pti jacket!!!
Pretty sure the pants he wears when training are Adidas Fitted Track Pants,en_CA,pd.html Merry Christmas all!

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