ZiO FoneMate SIM Card Manager

photo © ZiO FoneMate
ZiO FoneMate SIM Card Manager
photo © ZiO FoneMate

A FoneMate SIM Card Managers was used by James Bond in the movie Casino Royale, when he tries to access Molaka's SIM card on M's laptop.

FoneMate SIM Card Managers can read and write to all common SIM cards. Updating your phone book, transferring data and pictures from your mobile phone to your PC has never been easier. Sync your mobile phone contact list to Microsoft Outlook.

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Technical Details:
- Model: CM-43000
- Hardware Platform: PC

Bond is sitting on a Herman Miller Aeron chair in M's apartment when he is using this device.

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I have purchased one of these units, the problems is for us who are constantly in the future and use Vista this unit can not be used, The software that comes with it is for XP users, I also have Xp on another computer and the interface software is old and should be updated, I recommend using other Sim card reading software that is more in the 2008 than from 1998. Obviously MI6 uses an older operating system

Is anybody able to recomend a similar and 'up to date' product with these or better features?

It should work with XP and Vista also.


It appears that this product is behind the times. With that being said, is there a computer app that provides the info Bond was abe to obtain in Casino Royale? It appeared as if the app he used was able to map out locations (automatically) where calls originated from and were place to, based on the information on the sim card.

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