Vega IB339 Holster

photo © Vega
Vega IB339 Holster
photo © Vega

Material/color: Suede cognac

picture courtesy of Bond Props
Stunt P99 in Vega holster used in Casino Royale
picture courtesy of Bond Props

Daniel Craig as James Bond wears suede Vega gun holsters in Casino Royale (2006) and SkyFall (2012).

 In Casino Royale he wears a Vega IB339 holster on his belt, during the Madagaskar chase scene. The holster contains his Walther P99.

In the movie SkyFall, Bond again wears a Vega holster, this time the IB333, which fits his Walther PPK. The holster was spotted by Bond fan sruzgar in the sequence when Bond jumps on the tube train in the London Underground.

This suede cognac holster is attached to the belt and located on the inside of the belt.

Material/color: Suede cognac.

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I contacted Vega and they sent me the following info to purchase the IB3 here in USA.

Gateway Sales
2166 Seven Pines Dr. St .Louis, MO 63146.
Mr. Jerry Kent

I hope this is helpful in some way.

I gotta say: I think Daniel Craig used this holster a total of ONCE in the film, in the Madagascar chase seen. I also have to add that I hate holsters like this, as they're very prone to loosing your gun. Get something a little nicer with a thumbstrap if you really want a holster that works.

Needless correction: He wears this holster atleast two noticable times in the movie...Madagascar and the Bahamas. You can see it in the scene where he's walking with M, just before he get's that chip inplanted in his arm. Anyway, I now have this holster for my P99 and have had no problems with losing my precious pistol.

Thanks for discovering this holster and posting it. I have to say it is excellent quality and fits the Walther PPK very well. This is an excellent quality holster for the money. Hard to find, but a website called has them. I use it for a small of the back holster. Thanks again.957d97

Vega holsters are available for purchase form Python Holsters Co.St. Louis, MO..

For all ya'll still looking for it:

Thought, I'm opposed to holsters without any type of retention, once sent my Sig into the other toilet stall due to a lack of retention. But, we we all know what's best for ourselves.

This is a very good open or dress for concealment carry option. Many people have an issue with retention, though I've never had a problem with mine. In fact I've run tactical drills with it. For those considering this type of holster I'd suggest getting a good quality belt to compliment it.

Totally still have them, my GF's getting one for her PPk clone

Do you carry a Suede holster for a 1910 S&W Revolver with a 5" barrel

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