MI6 Wallpaper Casino Royale

Created by George Zareba
MI6 wallpaper download as seen in Casino Royale
Created by George Zareba

The wallpaper seen on M's laptop and on Bill Tanner's computer in the movie Casino Royale. This beautiful copy of the movie wallpaper is created by leeislee and modified by George Zareba. Check your screen resolution and download the right size. Some versions of the wallpaper have the Sony Vaio model number of the laptop that M is using (VGN-FJ, which can also been seen in the film) and some versions have the model number of James Bond's own laptop (VGN-SZ), see the file names below.





I have a pandigital and was wondering if you could extend the sides of the paper because the mi6 seal is spread through 3 screens andit just doesn't fit onto the home screen also you should put a side note that sais welcome back agent 007. Thanks Taylor
This wallpaper was created by me. It was modified (badly) and passed off as his own creation.
could you please credit this to me, 'leeislee'. it was stolen from my own work.
Here is the link to the original version that this guy is claiming as his own. http://leeislee.deviantart.com/art/Mi6-casino-royale-desktop-56391061
Hello can anyone tell me the theme on bonds mobile when M call him in Quantum Of Solace or Casino Royale thanks

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