Parker Jotter

photo © J. Newton
Parker Jotter special box
photo © J. Newton

In Goldeneye (1995) Q-Branch supplies Bond with a Parker Jotter pen that is a C4 grenade: three clicks arms the four-second fuse, another three disarms it. A classic pen, still widely available.

Maybe the most useful and affordable James Bond gadget around! The Jotter has a stainless steel cap, barrel and button with chrome coloured trim. At the time of the movie, a special edition of this Parker Jotter was available in a unique 007 gift box, see the photo on the left.

In SkyFall (2012) other Parker pens are used by M.

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click 3 times bryan

So this is a c4 grenade?

very nice pen actually, even though its not really a grenade of any class. Great pen, very durable for military service.

Good pen. Smooth ink. isn't as dark as I'd like it to be. It is a little small, and it gets slippery, so it is not Ideal for in class essays.

Great pen I use mine everyday and have for years even before GE came out. Someone posted that they were no longer going to make the all stainless version, I stocked up on some and like keeping a few extra around.

I have a few, they're good, but what else can you really say about a pen? The $10 store models don't contain C4 but I guess the upside to this is you can get them on planes. Buy it.

they're all I write with now, love 'em. I recommend the Gel ink refills, they're a lot smoother.

My mate trick or treated me on halloween and i pulled out the parker. 3 clicks and he was away leaving his stash with me.
Great pen. the pen truly is mightier than the sword. Ha Ha

The Parker Jotter is a very good pen, I have a half plastic, half stainless steel Jotter and I have it for ages. The Parker ink is the best I have ever wrotten.
If you buy one you would never get dissapointed with it.
I love Parker pens.

The Parker Jotter now on sale is very slightly different to the models available in 1995. The steel button used to have a flat top with a very small ridge but now has a slightly rounded top. It's a very minor difference though (and an improvement)
Great pen, although I like the aftermarket gel refill better than the Parker brand refill. Parker Gels fail my wash test, and aren't always as smooth. Still Parker Jotters are a great pen, though I liked the flat cap better. In younger days, I could make my Jotter stand up on the flat cap while traveling on the high speed rails of France and Germany. Real cosmopolitan memories.

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