Dunhill cufflinks Tomorrow Never Dies

Bond wears Alfred Dunhill cufflinks in Tomorrow Never Dies
Bond wears Alfred Dunhill cufflinks in Tomorrow Never Dies
photo © Bond Lifestyle
photo © Bond Lifestyle
Dunhill cufflinks as seen in Tomorrow Never Dies
photo © Bond Lifestyle

In Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) wears a pair of Dunhill cufflinks.

The cufflinks can be seen very clearly for several seconds when Bond receives a call from Elliot Carver while driving his BMW 750 through the streets of Hamburg, Germany. He wears the Dunhill cufflinks with a dark grey Brioni suit, blue shirt, black Church's shoes and brown and navy Turnbull & Asser tie with sky blue squares. The cufflinks can again be seen clearly when Bond parks the BMW in the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski parking garage and takes the Walther PPK out of the secure glove compartment.

In a small movie mistake, the left cuff of Bond's shirt is loose, with a dangling Dunhill cufflink when Bond enters the Hotel Atlantic room looking for Paris Carver with his Walther pulled. In the next shot, the cuff is perfectly tied together with the cufflink again.

It looks like Bond wears the same cufflinks earlier in the film, with his tuxedo at the Carver Media party.

Update September 2014
Currently a pair (without box) is offered on eBay.

In The World Is Not Enough (1999) and Die Another Day (2002), Bond also wears Dunhill cufflinks.

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Are these Cufflinks still available?
Does anyone know where these might be available from now - if anywhere ? I had a pair and lost them on a wedding weekend away. Am desperate to try and get a replacement set.
@ Simon, I'm trying to look for them as well. Do you know what the exact name of these cufflinks are? It would be easier to search for. Perhaps even contact the company directly. That would probably be the best advice.

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