James Bond's Grooming Set in SkyFall

This is the story of how Bond fans Simon and Jon were able to identify the products from James Bond's grooming set in SkyFall (2012).

Aston Martin DB10 die-cast model cars

The Aston Martin DB10 is a unique car that was exclusively developed for the James Bond film SPECTRE. There were only 10 cars made, all for the use of the film.


Intense training causes a lot of stress on the body and dependent upon your physical condition you may require a fair few more calories a day but it is important where you get those calories from.


So, the real Bond workout?


After the release of Casino Royale many people we wondering what type of training Daniel Craig (DC) had done to get into shape for the part of 007. People looked at his physique and thought 'I want to do what he did'.


Let's say you've got the wine and the women and the wardrobe like Bond. What else can get you there?


Ask even the most casual of Bond fans what their favorite Bond film is and chances are they will say Goldfinger.


Okay, so you wear a finely tailored suit with a handsome Swiss made watch clasped to your wrist.


The stories of James Bond are not just popular spy thrillers.


If James Bond Tailoring Has a Name it is Indy Magnoli.


I am quite lucky that my occupation allows me to travel quite a bit and on my last business trip to New York City I decided to spend a few minutes of my work day focusing on James Bond.


M's Apartment


I can only imagine the look of horror on the manager that approves Bond's expense account. Travel, food and gambling aside his clothes and accessories alone would have warranted him getting terminated from any known corporation. 


Bond gets real: the suits in Casino Royale - and how we got there.


As someone who works in the marketing industry it often frustrates me to see the incomplete channels brands use to merchandise their products.


The plane banks sharply as we begin our decent and the flight attendant lets us know it is last call. As I finish my martini I mentally organize myself for the travels ahead, the first leg in a week long business trip.


In the second of a three part series for Inside Time (the National Newspaper for Prisoners), Matthew Williams' super-hero James Bond, serving seven years for manslaughter and abandoned by the Ministry, finds himself in Full Sutton facing an uncomfo


For any of you chaps that have ever watched Oprah (oh, just admit it!), you may have noticed the debut of that terrifying phenomenon, metrosexualism. Cue crash of lightning and ominous roll of thunder.


The click clacketing of the computer resounded through the small room. Nervously, he looked up from the screen to peer out of the office window into the bustling hallway, already filled with people.


A gentleman in his late thirties straightens his Turnbull and Asser tie as he sits in the leather chair.


In the final part of his series for Inside Time (the National Newspaper for Prisoners), Matthew Williams' super-hero James Bond, having survived the rigours of Belmarsh and Full Sutton, now samples the delights of Wakefield and Long Lartin before e


In the first of a three part series for Inside Time (the National Newspaper for Prisoners), Matthew Williams introduces super-hero James Bond


It's not what Bond wears, but the way that he wears it.


Living the life and becoming a man of the cloth.


It's 1964 and I am 9 years old. It's a sunny, Saturday afternoon and I am at the Victoria Theater in downtown Tamaqua with my best friend, Bert. Bert is one of those kids who can't stop moving.