Sunspel Blue Polo Shirt and T-Shirts

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Sunspel Riviera Polo Navy polo shirt
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Bond wearing the blue Sunspel polo shirt in Casino Royale
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photo © Sunspel
Sunspel Riviera Crew Neck T-Shirt Grey Melange
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Bond wears the grey t-shirt in several scenes in Casino Royale
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Sunspel Riviera V-Neck T-Shirt White
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Bond wearing the white v-neck Sunspel shirt in Casino Royale
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Sunspel Navy Blue Polo Shirt

In the 2006 Bond movie Casino Royale, Daniel Craig wears several Sunspel shirts. Most notable the blue poloshirt as seen in the picture on the left. Originally tailored for Daniel Craig for his role as James Bond in Casino Royale, the design is based on a classic 1950s Sunspel design made for the Italian Riviera. This polo shirt is 100% cotton and warp knitted on old lace machines. The garment is a classic, fitted retro design available in navy, black and russet (red).

Lindy Hemming - costume designer Casino Royale: "I have dressed so many different characters in film and theatre in Sunspel because they are classic, timeless and beautifully made. With Daniel Craig as the new Bond, I thought it would be a perfect collaboration of quality and Britishness to ask Sunspel to create all his t-shirts, polo shirts and underwear. He looks very sexy and happy in their clothing."

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Sunspel now offers a Riviera Set including Bond's Polo shirt, white v-neck shirt and grey melange shirt. Buy them all together in this set and save:
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Sunspel Riviera Set

Sunspel Polo Riviera SetRiviera Polo Shirt Set
Sunspel also offers a Riviera Polo Shirt Set, which includes three Riviera polo shirts in colors of your choice. Bond Lifestyle recommends the Riviera polo in navy (as seen in Casino Royale), sky (a color reminiscent of the Dr No polo worn by Sean Connery) and black (the Quantum of Solace style shirt).
Order now for $336 / £210 / €252 (approximately 10% discount on the individual items).

skyThe Sunspel Riviera polo is also available in a light blue "Sky" version, which is inspired by the blue shirt worn by Bond in the early movies and Sunspel's work with Bond costume designer Lindy Hemming for the Barbican Bond exhibition.

sunspel swim shortsIn May 2013, Sunspel launched a Bond inspired pair of swim shorts, in the Sky color, based on a design Sunspel made for the Desiging 007 exhbition. These shorts are available online for $196 (USA), £120 (UK) or €144 (EU). Also available on for €138.

Sunspel Riviera long sleeve poloIn July 2014, a long sleeve version of the Riviera polo was made available. Made of the same material, and featuring the breast pocket, this stylish and versatile garment can be worn year round. Get the shirt on the Sunspel website for $190 (US)£120 UK)€145 (EU).


Sunspel Riviera Crew Neck Grey Shirt

In the Madagaskar, Miami Airport and Venice scenes of Casino Royale, Daniel Craig wears grey Sunspel shirts, as seen on the image on the left. Sunspel also provided the film crew with t-shirts and polo-shirts for the movies Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. This grey t-shirt was designed especially for Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale, with a more fitted shape and shorter sleeves than the standard Sunspel shirts. Unlike the classic tee, it also has an overlocked neck which is flatter and more discreet than a bound neck. This grey melange t-shirt is made from fine gauge two fold long staple Egyptian cotton for an exceptional, luxuriously feel.

Price: £55 / €65 / $88

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Sunspel White V-Neck Shirt

Designed for Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale, this v-neck t-shirt has a refined, fitted shape and shorter sleeves than the standard Sunspel tees, memorably worn by Bond on the yacht sailing into Venice at the end of the movie Casino Royale. This beautiful pure white t-shirt is made from fine gauge two fold long staple Egyptian cotton for an exceptional, luxuriously feel.

Price: £55 / €65 / $88

Available on the Official Sunspel website

Sunspel Riviera Set

Quantum of Solace
For the Bond movie Quantum of Solace, Sunspel again provided the production team again with several poloshirts. It is not confirmed that these shirts can be seen in the movie but Daniel Craig has been wearing them on set, and he is said to be a big fan of the brand.

Replica shorts for 'Designing 007'
Working on the new Barbican exhibition Designing 007 – Fifty years of Bond style, costume designer Lindy Hemming approached Sunspel to recreate the shorts that evoke the early Bond films. The shorts form part of a then and now element of the exhibition including the swimming shorts worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale alongside Sean Connery’s shorts (produced by Sunspel). Read more about these shorts here.

Batman, Sherlock Holmes and Johnny Depp
Sunspel products are also popular in other films, like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (also starring Daniel Craig), the Batman film The Dark Knight with Christian Bale, and Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law were sporting some Sunspel items in their publicity shots for the recently released Sherlock Holmes movie. Johnny Depp wore Sunspel in a mainly World War II period piece called The Man Who Cried. Sunspel worked with the stylist on Valkyrie to provide impeccable period t-shirts and long johns for Tom Cruise's German aristocrat who attempts to assassinate Hitler. Sunspel has also been seen recently in The Boat That Rocked (aka Pirate Radio).

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I have just bought this polo along with some Pique shirts with the HELLOFIFTY code which gave 50%off last week, I cant believe it wasnt posted on here. Anyway. The quality & fit of these items are superb & at half price feel even better.

Great looking shirt! What shirt and (more curious) pants are he wearing when he seduces Solange and heads to MIA?

For all those people curious about the chinos worn in Bermuda with this top, they are actually from Ted Baker, another brand that features product positioning in the movie.

I'm absolutly amazed by how closely Old Navy's 2011 line-up matches that of the clothes worn in Craig's Bond films. Check it out.

This shirt looks great, does anyone have a 2011 promo code for sunspel we can use.

Thank you

hi all,, i got my polo shirt 3 weeks ago,, lovely feel to it and fits well, i havnt had any shrinkage probs with my Navy blue shirt,,

Found self collared Pima polo shirts at OFF Fifth Avenue , the Saks outlet for $20. Beautiful construction as well as the Bond look, no chest pocket though. Bought 5 in different colors.

Does anyone know if Sunspel is having a sale anytime soon? I recall there being a 35% -50% off sale last year around this time. Thanks.

Bond has a great stylist. I really like the quality of some of the Sunspel shirts he wears. I want to get a navy blue polo.
I heard that John Smedley polo shirts were used in some Bond films, including the light blue one worn by Sean Connery on crab beach. Does anyone know if this is true? It certainly would tick the quality, british made box. And their stuff certainly gives sunspell a run for its money on comfort, quality and design. Cheers
Can anybody tell me if the navy blue shawl neck cardigan JB is wearing on the Boat heading to Venice in "Casino Royal " is also the one sold by Sunspel ???

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