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Thread: Tom Ford QOS Sunglasses Alternatives?

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    I sent you a PM Wonderue.

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    Hey folks, coincidence in that I just registered today, and also just got a pair of great QoS-like sunglasses today. I ordered them from, they are the Marc Anthony Round Sunglasses, very clearly inspired (if not completely ripped off) by the Tom Fords. Check them out:
    I got them in silver, they look pretty good although I have never seen the TFs in person so its hard to compare. You could probably get away with telling people they are from QoS.

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    Do they sell them in the UK ???

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    I bought those as well and they are really nice. I like the blue lenses on the MA ones more than the Movieshop glasses.

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    Some on ebay at the moment, though doesnt seem to have the correct case and the auction has a bit of a dodgy feel about it.. hard to tell if theyre real or not.

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