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Thread: Do you own a Bond inspired vehicle?

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    New here, also.

    As some of you know, or may not know.... here at MI6 they issue the new vehicles to the Double 0 agents and any other high-profile agents. Once they are a little "shop worn", they are turned back in and "Q certified" (kind of like pre-owned certified) and then reissued to the underling agents such as myself. Of course, you can't just take them to the dealer for this....they'll blow their bloody heads off. Since we underlings do not hold a licence to kill...I can't just drive around indiscriminately blowing up people and buildings ....all artillery must be removed from the vehicle before reissue. This also is part of the "Q certification".

    Anyway, I was supposed to be issued a nice, barely broken in Aston Martin when 007 turned it back in. But unfortunately it was rolled like seven times when Vesper Lynd was snatched and 007 chased after her.. This after I had told her to keep an eye on my car when she was assigned. When 007 returned, I asked M about my car...she said I could pick it up if I had a lorry and a bucket.

    I was also supposed to be assigned James "Crash" Bond's next Aston.....

    So....I'm still stuck with this old XJS. Code named: "Morris" (some of you may remember him from the old 9 lives commercials....Morris the cat, not Morris the car.

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    My "Bond" girl has this Code named: "The Volksbunny".

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    Thanks for sharing the photos, howlinowl. I love the XJS, was seriously looking into buying one at some point, how do you like it? I think it's a great 'Bond' style car (and The Saint of course) for a reasonable price. Looks like your XJS is not that 'old' but rather one of the later models right (still more than 20 years old at this point :-) )? In my opinion one of the most beautiful vehicles ever made.

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    I've actually have owned it only for a few days. Found it on ebay on the other side of the state (Florida). Still working some of the kinks out of it. It's a 1992, first year of the "facelift" models. I had looked at a 1990 convertable locally, I actually prefer the older style tail lights and sealed beam headlights (not sure, but sealed beams may have only been a US requirement), but it only had two seats and I needed a backseat for our kids.


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    I drive a Battleship grey Ford Fusion....Bond drove a sodapop blue Ford Mondeo in CR, so I guess im pretty close and a better color. lol.

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    I recently got my first car, it's not European, it's American made, a 2001 Ford Mustang Convertible, and I got to tell you, to you guys it may not seem much, but a Mustang is a dream car of mine, and it's in the shade of green that the BMW from Die Another Day is, maybe a bit darker. But it's a pretty slick car for a 17 year old

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    Cool car, SF2118.

    I myself had owned a blue with black stripes 1973 Mustang Mach 1. Similar to the Mach 1 in "Diamonds are Forever". I purchased it when I was 17 years old on the day Steve McQueen died. (November 7th, 1980. Over the course of the next 29 years I had rebuilt the engine, transmission, reupholstered the interior, painted it twice and had replaced the stock suspension springs and swaybars with pieces from Meyer Racing and Addco. Sold it in 2009 and have regretted it since, but got a pretty penny for it.

    I work for the local blood center that owns the building I work in. They have the first and third floors and part of the second. The part they don't have they're renting out to a medical research firm. Not sure what they're doing up there....but it must pay pretty good as the head showed up last week in this:
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    great looking car,, i was looking for a 350 before i bought my AC Cobra,,

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    I recently picked up my affordable dream car. its been called the poor mans aston. but here is my 74 MGB GT

    im hoping to get it painted sometime in the future. i am not crazy about the current color

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    We are ordering a dark silver Ford Fusion Hybrid tonight.


    I was hoping the milage would be a bit better, though.
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    My Bond inspired cars...

    1999 Jaguar X308L Vanden Plus

    1996 Jaguar X300 XJ6

    2005 Mustang Convertible

    2005 Mustang Coupe

    And while not a car...

    1960 Pearson Triton

    Reflections in a double bourbon...

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