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Thread: What Bond locations have you visited?

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    What Bond locations have you visited?

    Hey all,

    So what Bond locations have you you visited? Here's my list, though I'm sure I'll forget a few...

    - Various locations around London, including Lazenby's photo perch and the 'underground' door from DAD (London, UK)
    - Stoke Park Golf Course from Goldfinger (UK)
    - Jumped off the Goldeneye Dam (Versazca, Switzerland)
    - Piz Gloria
    - Lunch at the Eiffel Tower (Jules Verne Restaurant, Paris, France)
    - 'Zorin's stable' Chateau Chantilly (just outside Paris)
    - Dinner and drinks at the Ocean Club (Bahamas)
    - Drinks at the Cafe Martinique (though refurbished since 1965, Bahamas)
    - Palmyra (well, just outside, Bahamas)
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