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Thread: What Bond locations have you visited?

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    Tokyo, Japan
    Kael, Mission Imposslible 2 was filmed in Sydney, so I think a Bond movie will get to Adelaide sometime. Loved MI 2 , by the way.

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    Moonraker anyone?

    I was recently in Paris and took a train and a taxi to visit Vaux Le Vicomte - Lord Foquet's estate that was used as the Drax estate in Moonraker, 1979. It was the inspiration to build Versailles and in fact, the same builders architects and gardeners cut their teeth on this one.

    I was where the helicopter landed and of course the famous Pheasant scene.. all available to visit!

    I can post pictures and perhaps some video if anyone is interested.

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    Lake Como

    A few but we hired Villa Balbianello in Lake Como for our wedding. It's where they filmed the Bond recuperation scene towards the end of Casino Royale. Absolutely beautiful.

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    We've stayed at the Grand Hotel Pupp several times in the early 90's but never stepped
    foot in the casino. The restaurant was excellent and had tradition Czech food. Of course
    I've been to Frankfurt, San Francisco, and Vegas but never thought much about 007 movies
    while visiting. I'll pay better attention next time.
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    I've been to many MANY bond locations. It's one of my favourite (and my girlfriends least favourite) activities. Too many to name but here are a few. All the US casinos from Diamonds are Forever, the town hall in San Francisco (that gets burnt down on a View to a Kill).

    In Europe:
    Bern (the area with the bears),
    Piz Gloria,
    Grand Hotel Pupp (my favourite) and surrounding areas in the Kalovy Vary. At the hotel pupp my girlfriend and I ate at the same table Bond and Eva eat after Bond beats LeChiffe!!!!
    All the lane ways and canals used in Venice for Casino Royale and St Marco plaza where Roger Moore Drove his gondola.
    The theatre in Vienna from The Living Daylights as well as the chocolate shop across the road
    Several locations in London including Tobacco Dock, took a speedboat tour on The River Thames, felt like Pierce Brosnan. I also purchased my Omega Seamaster from the omega store on "Bond Street". I stayed a night at The Ritz, had a martini at Dukes, went shopping at Harrods, Floris, Sunspel, had lunch at The Savoy, tea at the Dorchester. Also got my photo out the back of the MI6 building and got my hair cut at Geo F Trumpers. Oh and of course I went to the front of Ian Flemings house!
    Went to Chateu de Chantilly in France as well as the eifel tower in Paris.
    Monte Carlo Casino and the outdoor amphitheater in Monaco.
    Skinny Bridge and the house Sean Connery visits in Amsterdam
    The Blue Mosque, Grand Bazar, and the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul

    And as a surprise birthday gift I was taken to James Bond Island in Thailand earlier this year in March.

    I also tried to visit a whole heap of Star Wars locations on a trip to Tunisia last year but it turned into a disaster...
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    Cool James Bond Places I have travel to!

    Giza pyramids, Cairo Egypt
    Austria,Quantum of solace
    Amsterdam skinny bridge, The Netherlands
    Paris, France
    Cap D'Antibes, France
    Château de Chantilly, France
    Vaux-le-Vicomte "Drax's villa" France
    Monte Carlo, Monaco
    West Berlin, East Berlin, Germany
    Venice, Italy Casino Royal
    London, UK
    New York City, USA
    San Francisco, USA
    Miami, USA
    Bangkok, Thailand
    Istanbul,From russia with love, Skyfall

    Just came back from ABU DHABI, UAE.

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    Even though I'm relatively young as I have structured alot of my travels around bond locations as I'm sure many here also have , so it's one thing I can say I've been lucky to visit lot of bond locations over the years , here goes:

    Paris ( dinner at Jules Verne a complete rip off for the quality of the food and service , avoid )
    Furka pass (need your wits about you driving it)
    Zurich (where I purchased my first seamaster it was a limited edition around the time of casino royal, black face red 007 on the second hand)
    Mürren/schilthorn/ piz gloria
    Lake Como and lake Garda
    Phanga bay (ko kow ping khan& ko tapu)
    Hong kong

    I thinks that's all,I would love to see an Irish location used some time as its by country of origin and also where I currently live Sweden or actually any part of the Nordic region, looking at my list I really got to head west in the near future and see America and the carribean locations
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    “After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn't do it.”
    William S. Burroughs

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    Stoke Park Golf Course from Goldfinger (UK)
    Jumped off the Goldeneye Dam (Versazca, Switzerland)
    Eiffel Tower
    Dinner and drinks at the Ocean Club (Bahamas)
    LALD New Orleans locations
    Florida filming location of the Moonraker boat chase
    Most of the Las Vegas locations still left from DAF
    Miami Locations from Goldfinger
    Nene Valley Railway (Goldeneye, Octopussy)
    Various locations around London
    Pinewood Studios
    Various New York locations

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    Las Vegas, Nevada, Paris and Westminster. Would love to go and see the Golden Gate Bridge though.
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