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Thread: SkyFall Clothing and Discoveries

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    Exclusive: Orlebar Brown Setter Sky confirmed by one of our sources

    Exclusive: one of our sources confirms this to be the Orlebar Brown Setter Sky swim shorts: Read more details on http://www.jamesbondlifestyle.com/in...p?m=cl&g=cl042

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    Little marketing information around spotting these types of items and companies giving any "official" word of confirmation. There are MAJOR and MINOR brands in any movie, and SkyFall is no different. Major brands are those brands that pay a LOT of money or have given significant trade of expense around items. For that consideration they are given a nod to be more exclusive and explosive in the marketing around their affiliation. For those brands that wind up being used in the film, these are considered minor brands and often have not paid to be IN the movie. There seems to be a deference to the MAJOR brands being able to capture the marketing limelight first and bigger than the minor brands. So, the dilemma will often be that we may not have a public confirmation from minor brands, but good spotters and polite discussions should net some potential conclusions. I do want to remind all of us, as it has been mentioned of late, around the Airman Op issue (still my go to glasses for whats its worth) so I think every purchase is a caveat emptor...

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    Hmm... do believe I was the first to go online with the OB Setter (see previous post on January 14) but whatever...

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    I applaud all the detectives on this and so many other findings coming up. I will say that Simon was in discussion with OB the day the picture broke but didn't post until there was greater confirmation....as will happen many people will make these discoveries and I don't want anyone to feel slighted.

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    Just picked up a pair of Orlebar Brown Setter "black"shorts and couldn't be happier, except for the price tag!That's what you end up paying for these style swim shorts I suppose. I almost bought the Navy Seal style that my buddies wear when "out and about" but too thin for me. For the price of the Orlebars I better do a lot of swimming this spring and summer. Oh, and the wife and I decided on Nassau next month, it looks like she will have her passport in time!


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    They have arrived!
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    Very nice, hows the quality and fit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Zaritsky View Post
    They have arrived!
    Getting 'em is the easy bit.

    Hard part's getting them back in that little bag in the same neat and folded condition in which they came out!

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    Thanks for the pictures David. They look like a REALLY nice set of trunks!

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    They are bigger in the waist than I thought but quality product...and David S. is bang on...need to roll it like canoli to get it back in the bag!

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